Just came home from this.. AMK Hub place. hehe. It’s like.. Vivo City no. 2. xD

Well, I’m rather tired now actually. I’ve still got some homework undone. >< English writing and Chinese newpaper gan2 xiang3. Both are… rather easy to write. If, I crap. But, it’s homework. Maybe I can crap for the Chinese one, but not the English one. Hmm… And there’s still abit of A. Maths questions. I don’t need to care much about that first, since the deadline is not tomorrow.

Oh yes! My Head Councillor speech! Eeks. I think it’s bad. bad bad bad. I timed it and it’s around 4 minutes short only. I hope after showing it to Mr Lim and Mrs Singh, there are more things for me to add on to lengthen the speech. I need it to flow better as well! I think it’s not very well-written. That’s just it. I’ll see what the teachers say.

AND.. I need to sit in for the interview for the recruitment of new student councillors. The Sec 1s. I haven’t really thought of any questions to ask, though I have some in mind. Yup. Probably list them down when I get to school tomorrow. Anyhow, questions I ask won’t be easy. That’s to ensure that we recruit good, potential leaders.

Tomorrow is Jolyn’s invest. =P  She’s the Vice-head prefect of Rosyth School this year! Congrats! Heh. I was the Supervisory prefect back then and my elder sister was a normal prefect. haha. cool. The trend. xD  And my elder sister is the Vice-head prefect of North Vista Secondary School last year. Woah. nice. =D I like the trend. xD  Jolyn has to reach school rather early tomorrow. So, I’ll just walk her to school, very early! We’ll leave home at 06:00. hehe.

Now, I think I’ll just go and sleep, then wake up at 04:00, do my homework, prepare for school, then leave at 06:00. ^^ Yup. That’s the plan. I better be energetic when I wake up at 04:00. =P

Till then,

take care people!! (((: