Aww man… today is such a HOT day. Or is it just me feeling hot? Hmm.. I doubt so. And now, it’s drizzling. I’ve been perspiring since early afternoon. Especially in the hall. As if I was in a sauna or something. [slightly exaggerated though. haha. but I WAS humid].

This morning, my juniors, sec 2s, took over the raising of flags and the commanding. Alvin was the commander while Bernice and Feng Mee were the flag raisers. Good job people! It’s their first time. So, there were a few mistakes here and there due to the anxiety in them. But, I will train all flag-raisers and commanders soon. (: 

Tomorrow is A. Maths test and… I think I should be able to clear it, after today’s supplementary class held after assembly. I better get more than 20 marks if it’s out of 30 marks. Or not, I think I’m doomed for now. I may get a chance to practise more questions later. Hehe.

Assembly was a perfrmance by my school’s concert band. I love the second piece as it was rather well-played. Jia Ying was like.. prefect up there. xD hahaha. I bet she played well on her clarinet. ^^

As for PE, we did standing broad jump and shuttle run. Last week, we did inclined pull-ups and sit-ups. Here are my ‘results’:

  • Inclined Pull-ups: 30 [grade: A]
  • Sit-ups: 42 [grade: A]
  • Standing Broad Jump: 200cm [grade: A]
  • Shuttle Run: 11.5 seconds [grade: A]

Hmph.. My timing for shuttle run increased and SBJ drop too. ><  Yikes. My shuttle run is horrible. Got to do better. jiayou!!

 Physics was rather okay. Hehe. Just a new chapter. I like starting on new chapters. ((:  More interesting. hehe. I love Science! whee!

Now, the bad news. ):  Clayderman, one of my good friends in my school, has been admitted to the hospital. His lungs sort of ‘broke down’ and fainted yesterday. He’s in one of those wards that only allow two visitors to enter, and they need to put on some kind of clothings before entering. Doesn’t sound good. ><  And today is his birthday. ))): Get well soon, Clayderman. I may visit you tomorrow.

Oh wells. It’s damn sad can. Such a nice person. ><  And he’s our Deputy Head Councillor, and Vice President of ODAC. He should get well soon. Take care!

Anyway, I’m going to cut my hair now! lalala. Not to those very short hairstyle. Just longer than shoulder length and is able to tie up. ((: