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First day of exams! Who says I’ll screw up? =P

English papers were taken today and I think it was all right. (: I think I rushed too much as I fear that I might not be able to complete the papers. However, what I fear did not happen. What I didn’t wish for actually happened. I ended up stoning for at least 15 minutes after I was done with the papers. It wasn’t a good experience as I had no where to look at. It was uncomfortable. In addition, somehow, I was feeling really cold today, even with my jacket on. ><  Why? I wonder. And one ‘cool’ thing. I’m sitting beside jiaying!!! ((: Haha. Love it. =P  She was in class earlier than me. So, when I walked towards my seat, she was surprised and happy, just like I was. ((:

I spent more time on my formal letter writing compared to the personal recount I wrote. Furthermore, my letter was 3.25 pages long/short. Then my personal recound it only 2.5 pages short/long. hehe. Oh wells. Nevermind. =P

After the last paper, I had lunch in school with Huiling and Jiaying because only my class’ geography students were required to stay back for extra lessons. However, before that, I had to go for this Biology photoshoot. It just shows biology students at work. The ‘models’ include me, See Swee, Jan and Timothy. hehe. I was the note-taker. Jan was handling the data log, See Swee with the magnifying glass [which he was trying to find the angle to use the sunlight to burn the plants and tonnes of insects there.] and timothy, holding on to my thick file. =P This caused me to miss some of my geography lesson. =X  How sad. hehe.

Geography lesson was rather slack to me. I didn’t learn much but we marked papers. (:  The essays that we were suppose to do as homework. Jiaying and I were marking Jeslyn Lek’s paper. And my paper was with Jasline Tan and Jeslyn Lek. They graded me 8/8. Hmm.. I feel so guilty grading Jeslyn Lek 5/8. =X But it’s not bias or anything. We considered the points and stuff. So, we’re not bad after all. xD

After everything, Huiling and I went to Bishan and met up with Tuan Anh. I’m really glad that I’ve completed my Physics Os topical questions to where we were taught until. (((: Yay! Cheers! Next to do will be my geography. (:

Tomorrow is public holiday. Libraries are close. >< How sad. I thought of going to Jiaying’s house to mug! At the reading lounge. What should I do tomorrow. I don’t have any idea. ):

I am excited for 13slc grand finale!! =D


Friends test! ((:

Do the friends’ test! ((:

Create your own Friend Test here

Have fun! ((:

Comparison between certain ‘muggable’ libraries.

So, today, I went to the never-able-to-mug-place to mug. That will be Sengkang. Somehow, I seriously didn’t feel good there. This question kept popping up in my mind: What the hell are you doing HERE?!  Yeah. How stupid of me to mug at Sengkang. Compass Point is a crowded place, especially during weekends. It WILL be worst if there were some silly events held there, like celebrities going over for some kind of reality tv shows or variety shows. Once again, I emphasise that I dislike crowded places lately, especially at places that I don’t really like. Also, the noise level is not very bearable. In the library as well. Kids just go running around, shouting and stuff and even TOUCH you or your things and give you a shock. =/  The library, is a whole one level, mini place. Hence, noise that comes from the kids section can even be heard at the adults section. That sucks. ><  Unlike Bishan library or the National Library, they have different storeys and you won’t find a lot of kids at the levels you study at. For Bishan library, kids are ‘kept’ at the basement. They have views from the large glass windows and will be especially nice if it’s some kind of dark weather, provided if you like to see that. As for the National Library, the reference library and study lounge will hardly be a place to find kids there. See? That’s why I love these two library, loving Bishan more. Another choice will be the library@esplanade. I think it’s also unlikely to find kids there as it’s a library for the arts. The library has this dark theme which gives you a nice cosy feeling and scenic views of the city from any part of the library. A comparison of different libraries.


I shall say that I’m not very well, physically and emotionally. I have this heat in me and sense of tiredness. It’s causing me to sleep everyday I reach home from mugging and oversleeping after that. I fell asleep at 18:20 today and intend to wake up at 19:00. In the end, I slept my way through, all the way to 20:20. Zomg. Oversleeping. >< Bad bad bad.

I’ve shown signs of being annoyed. I’m like INNOCENT, seriously. I don’t make fun of people about their love lives and also don’t matchmake them unnecessarily or so. However, it’s so unfortunate that I’ve been disturbed by being matchmade with Jian Xiong repeatedly, with some really overboard comments made. And what’s worst is that, I DIDN’T even show signs of falling for Jian Xiong and then, matchmade with him just like that. That’s so darn crappy.

One of the worst things will be being disturbed when I’m doing my work. Such silly distraction brought in especially when I’m at an ‘unmuggable’ place. It always result in me being damn dao which I don’t really enjoy doing. It sucks can. I seriously wish for no more matchmaking as it is some stupid distraction to have around. Especially at such serious events of mugging, NEAR exams.

Apologies if I sounded alittle harsh but well, I mean it. Cause I had enough. Please? Get real man. =/ I hope I can mug seriously soon. Really. At any libraries described as good above. First will be Bishan/Esplanade. If not, then National Library.

that’s all folks.


oh crap.

We didn’t mug at the pool-side today due to the rain. However, we mugged at this reading lounge in Jia Ying’s condo. YAY! It rocks! ((: haha. Then went to Hougang Mall to meet Cristina cause they wanted to book the K-box room for huiling’s birthday.

I happily annouce that I passed my latest chinese test. The one that I scored 26/55 at first. Then add 2 marks, so, I passed by half mark. And for overall, I improved by a grade. C6 to C5. good job.

I’ve been selected to go for this Geography competition organised by NUS. Hmm.. Looking forward to it I guess. And monday, we;re required to stay back for geography lessons after english paper. Crap. I think I’m losing understanding for Coast. It’s not such a nice chapter after all. =/

Chemistry rocks again today. Well, thanks Mrs Lim. Seriously, she’s the teacher I look up to the most. I think. Really. Super patient, understanding. She doesn’t mind remaining in class during recess, which I guess is her break time, for explaining to us. I don’t mind sacrificing my recess to listen to her too. It’s great.

I’m just so freaking confused now. ><  Like, everything. Supposingly, I’ve decided to mug at Esplanade library tomorrow, together with Tuan Anh and the MC exco. But somehow, I don’t know why, I thought they agreed to the idea. And when I just called Shi Min, I found out that they’re mugging at Sengkang. =/ Holy crap. Sengkang is a horrid place. Never for serious mugging. It’s just too noisy. =/  Then, I don’t know. Up till now, I don’t know what the hell is the plan. )):  But one thing, I just feel extremely sorry for Tuan Anh. Really. Like, he’s always flexible and just go to anywhere we choose, then we always change venues at the last minute. ))))):  Sorry Tuan Anh. Making you travel and everything. Really grateful for that. I feel so bad. )):

I’m in a bad mood. ):


SHORT. Yeah.

I shall keep it REAL short today.

No time.

So tired. Slept all the way from 17:15++ to 19:00 once I reached home. Oh wells.

Going POOL-SIDE MUGGING tomorrow!! Whee! ((:

That’s about it.

with love,
huishan. ((:

awww man. crap.

Yay! Huiling is back in school! hahaha. Welcome back! I went to school with her this morning on the LRT train. hehe. Thank goodness my reaction [plus running. =P] was fast enough. haha. Cause I saw the LRT train coming with Pei Hwa students approaching it. Hence, I inferred that it’s the West loop. Indeed, it was and I got Huiling into the LRT train. Haha. Why? Cause she was stunned when she saw me running towards the train. xD

Anyway, I sadly annouce that I can’t go for 13slc. >< Mr Lim has selected 5 people to attend 13slc. Oh wells. Sorry Zech, can’t support you in 13slc by participating. =X  HOWEVER, I WILL go to hwachong during the grand finale night! 12slc-ers who are going, please tell me!! hahaha.

Desmond Lim started his nonsense again during math today. >< Acting spastic [read previous post to find out what I mean]. I was like, ‘you cheated me yesterday. I ain’t helping you anymore.’ But somehow, I helped him again in the end. =/

For PE, we played captain’s ball, girls vs boys. Horrible. Cause the guys were too mad about the game. haha. And the girls were helpless. >< So, we decided to play basketball. Girls with girls. So, Jia Ying, Hui Wen and I formed a team, competing against Jan, Yen Ping and Xin Mei. We won!! Yay! 8 – 2 I think. Lalalas. ((:

We watched Mulan 2 for chinese lesson. whee! I hope we’ll do the same thing tomorrow. ((: Then there wasn’t anyone doing duty for recess other than me. =/ I ended up doing their different duties while those people that I chase out of the classrooms showed me attitude. Oh wells. I’m not in the wrong anyway. haha. They’re asking for it, still show me attitude? I’ll report people soon. ((:  Sick of getting them out. =/

Physics was bad due to the lack of passion for Physics. How? I need to get the passion BACK. Or not, I suppose my grades will drop. Cause I realised that when I don’t show passion, I won’t really want to listen. Everything will seem like crap to me though I know they are important. Mr Chua!! Don’t make me dislike you. >< I don’t want to. =X

After school, I went to Bishan with Huiling. (: I guess I didn’t expect myself to mug much today. Cause I think it’s very much of a relax session since huiling just came back to school. I didn’t mug in fact. )):  How sad. I feel guilty about that. I think mugging has become a compulsory daily routine. If I don’t mug, I’ll feel horrible. Simple as that. I photocopied all the notes I have so far for the MC exco. ((: 60 pieces. Money!! haha. Photo copied like mad.

It rained in the late afternoon – evening!! Yay! I love the rain! I was 1/3 drenched. haha. Cause it was so heavy that standing under shelter at the bus stop will still get me caught in the rain. xP  But I kind of enjoyed it. I LOVE THE RAIN!! ((:

that’s about it. need to do my homework now. so many homework today. ):

with love,
huishan ((:

我被耍了?真可笑。[Being cheated? That’s hilarious.]

Oh crap. I don’t know whether my title is true or not, but I feel like an idiot. Haha. Seriously. Thanks to Desmond Lim. =/ I think he was acting spastic or something. Somehow, he totally seem like another person. And I mean it. The annoying parroting him is kind of gone, but a weirdo him has taken over. It was unbelievable. I wonder how many times did I ask him, ‘are you trying to act spastic?’ or ‘are you trying to test me?’. Man. And I repeated a couple of times, ‘stop acting blur’. Oh wells, I guess everyone must be thinking I’m made or something. It was my enthusiasm to teach people when they don’t know something, that caused me to end up in such silly situation. Here goes the whole situation:

[we were doing some e. math revision paper and Mr Ng wrote the workings and answers on the board]

Desmond: Huh? How do you do question 8(a)??

[8(a) was ‘Solve (2a – 3)(a – 5) = 0’]

Me: Erm.. That’s simple.
Desmond: Why is (2a – 3) = 0?? How did you get a = 1.5 and 5??
Me: Gosh. You ever done quadratic equations before? That’s the factorised version of a quadratic equation. You just need to solve for ‘a’.
Desmond: How do you solve for ‘a’?
Me: OMG. You’ve never done that before?
Desmond: How??

[I started teaching him in every way I can, even changed ‘a’ to ‘x’ for him to visualise since we’re usually working with ‘x’. And I expanded that factorised form into a quadratic equation, and asked him to solve for ‘a’. In the end, he managed to factorise it, BUT, he put, a = ? at the end. I was like. O.o]

Me: Why didn’t you solve for ‘a’?
Desmond: How to solve for ‘a’?
Me: Okay. If 2a – 3 = 0, 2a = 3, right?
Desmond: How did you do it?
Me: Okay. You add 3 on both sides of the equation.
Desmond: How?
Me: Gosh.

[Continues trying to explain until I kind of gave up when Desmond kept saying that he understand when he doesn’t. Oh wells. Then he continued to 7(c)]

Desmond: How to do 7(c)??

[7(c) was Given A is the point (0, 11), B is the point (8, 5) and O is the origin, calculate the equation of the line AB.]

me: First, you must calculate the gradient of the line.
Desmond: How to calculate the gradient?
Me: Take the difference between the two values of ‘y’s over the difference between the two values of ‘x’s.
Desmond: Which is x and y?
Me: See the coordinates? Take (11 – 5)/(0 – 8).
Desmond: Why like that? How you know which is ‘x’ and ‘y’?
Me: Okay. The one in the bracket that’s one the left is the value of ‘x’ whereas the one on the right is ‘y’.
Desmond: So, it’s 8x and 5y.
Me: No no.. The value of ‘x’ is 8 and the value of ‘y’ is 5.
Desmond: Oh. Then why must take ‘y’ divide by ‘x’?
Me: Cause that’s how you find the gradient.
Desmond: Why?
Me: It’s the ‘formula’ thingy.
Desmond: Tell me tomorrow, okay?
Me: Errr…
Desmond: Okay?? okay??
Me: I suggest you to go and practise your math.
Desmond: How to practise??
Me: Gosh!

[Oh yes. In between this convo, there were a couple of times I kept asking those two questions I mentioned above, and also kept going back to my seat to chill then teach him again.]

Then the bell rang and school is over. Then Desmond Lim like suddenly transformed! I don’t know. It’s like, I asked him again, whether he’s acting silly and if he really doesn’t know how to do those things written on the board. He was like, ‘what?! Those are SOO EASY. I know how to do of course!!!’ I was like, what the hell?!? ‘Then why just now you kept saying you don’t know??’ He said, ‘What? I didn’t say I don’t know. You just kept explaining to me. I know already then don’t know why you come and explain to me.’ ZOMGWTHBBQ.

After he left the class, I was like, astonished, damn blur, laughing at what happened. And Shi Min was laughing with me cause I told her what happened. Then I started asking myself, was I hallucinating or what? It’s hilarious. If he cheated me, why didn’t he even let out a bit of laughter? Usually, if he lie to me, he’ll grin or something. Everything was SO serious that moment. What exactly happened? It’s creepy. I laugh until tears almost came out. Still couldn’t believe what happened a few minutes ago. Can you imagine? How silly it’ll be for you to get cheated in such situation? Man. That’s why I feel like an idiot. Maybe he was being possessed. I still can’t believe what happened.

Again, I spent my recess with Mrs Lim, teaching me stuff. ((: She taught me about ethanoic acid, and a few others. Like, CH4COOH I think. Yup. It was great. haha.

My group was supposed to do our presentation today about Ganges River. And guess what? I forgot to bring my thumbdrive!! Argh. How crappy. So, we’re doing it on Friday. I guess I’ll modify it alittle to scored more marks. Sorry team. ><

I’m glad to announce that I’ve completed the notes for Kinetic Particle Theory!! Yay! MC, you guys can get the stuff from me tomorrow. ((:  Jiayou with the notes people!

Some kind of dinner for my grandma’s birthday.

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Me and my elder sister, Janice.
DON’T say that we look like twins cause we aren’t. ((: 
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My younger sister, Jolyn and I 
Heh. We don’t look that alike. (: But she’s cute. haha
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My drink! That’s RED WINE + SPRITE. ((: 
it’s NICE okay. Taste like sparkling berry juice. haha.
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Me doing rock climbing at Changi Coast Adventure Centre! Whee!

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Our BELOVED Coach Kamis!! <33 
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Ai Zhi!! Our SUPER powerful female rower!
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Audrey! ((:  Our Female CAPTAIN! 😀 
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Azhar!! The guy who always call me ‘my pretty cinderella’.

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ODAC 2006 Vice-president [Luke], President [me], Vice-president [Clayderman]
Like what Miss Yeo always say, my left-hand guard and right-hand guard. HAHA.
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Me and Luke! The life-savers prepared for rafting! Yay! We have the KAYAKS! ((: 
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Luke and I. HAHA. Out in the sea, watching people do rafting while we SIT BACK and RELAX. 😉 
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My group in ODAC 2006!!  

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Read the heading. 😀 Vice-head prefect of Rosyth! haha.

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 SHANDY! My aunt’s dog and my favourite too!
Obedient and fierce! I LIKE IT! 😛
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Coco! Shandy’s younger sister. Mixed breed. Jolyn’s favourite!
Naughty but friendly. haha. 
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Shandy again! ‘Paw’! ((: 
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Coco with her innocent look. xD She did something wrong that time.
Hence, she’s hiding under the table. =P 
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Shandy and Coco. Truely sisters. ((:

That’s all.
I am so upset that I can’t attend 13slc. )):
I will go during grand finale.