Enjoy the photos! ((:

All from Huiling.  thanks Huiling! =D

back [left to right]: me, Mr Daniel Lim, Huiling, Megan
front [left to right]: Yu Hui, Charmaine Leow, Xin Fei

me! PH Times. Student Photographer. That’s what the tag says. xD

Give a pose!! [all of them are just poses. haha. not real. =P] 
top: Yu Hui and Charmaine Leow [besties! <33]
left: Huiling [talking on the phone. =P]
right: Xin Fei [cutie ((:]
bottom: me! [mugging. xD]

Me at the top! They said I look like a Buddha. =O

That’s all for now. (:  Waiting for my juniors to send me more photos! HAHA

tata! <33