One thing I’m unhappy about. I’ve been tolerating this and I guess it’s time for me to shout. People have been informing me at the last minute. Yesterday, I was informed that I had to go to the forest in the afternoon. In the end, I didn’t go because council meeting ended way later. And today, it’s kind of like, why the hell didn’t you go???? =/

Today, I was informed in the morning that I’ll have to attend the muscial training in the afternoon from 14:30 to 15:30. Well, all right then, I’ll go. I intend to go and mug after school!! Hello? I haven’t been mugging for tests for the past few days! And then, I was approached by Miss Lim that I have to go to the computer lab from 14:00 to 17:00 to do research. Like, omgwthbbq?? My lessons ends at 14:25 and I’m skipping lunch for stuff. And the worst thing is that, I’ve been asked NOT to attend my musical! Argh. What the. =/

Okay. So, Chinese Composition competition today. I was like the second or third to complete it. It was short though. Cause I knew I won’t have the time to complete it. If we were allowed to hand in after school, I have to go for other stuff, no time for completing it.

Then for Biology test, due to lack of preparation, I for got 3 out of 5 other functions of the liver. )): around 5 marks or lesser gone. =/ Luckily the other parts of the paper were kind of all right.

Geography test tomorrow!! DIE. )): I can’t remember stuff properly lately. Ahhhh! Crap it. I’m kind of doom. Still have research to do can. What the. Whatever. Shall do my best!

CHARGE!!! 冲啊!!!