You know what? It’s OVER!! hahaha. Yes. The invest is what I was referring to! (((:

Hmm.. it was quite well done actually. haha. I was alittle uncomfortable with my court shoes cause it was rather loose. I was afraid that it may just come off my feet when I was seated in that manner. Like, got to face an angle with the feet together at the left side of the chair. The worst thing is, among all the councillors, I’ll be the last to receive the certificate from Miss Chong, which means, I needed to wait for a long time before I can stand up to kind of adjust abit. You know, we need to kind of freeze up there. Furthermore, I was seated right in the centre of the first row.

My speech wasn’t screwed at all! I thought I was rather calm and recited it at the right pace. ((: I stumbled upon one word only! xD Well, not bad. πŸ˜€ Then, I didn’t expect anyone to clap when I receive my certificate. Cause the people I usually hang around are more introvert. haha. But somehow, there was loud applause for me as well as some others. ^^ Great!

And See Swee kept mumbling on stage, beside me. =X I didn’t want to answer him. But somehow, there was one thing he said that I thought it was important for me to answer. Hence, I tried my best not to show that I was mumbling as well. >< Clayderman managed to make it for the investiture!! Yay! He had to attend his medical appointment at first and supposingly, coldn’t make it on time. But, he came!! YAY! I was so happy. Haha. But the emcees mixed up that See Swee still needed to lead in the pledge. So, Clayderman was kind of surprised when his name was being called, to lead in the pledge. >< Oops. He didn’t practise it at the rostrum before.

Somehow, I was looking forward to my speech later on. haha. Why? Cause I could escape from sitting at the stage, trying to sit properly. πŸ˜‰

Later on, I rushed to the library to usher my guests from Hwachong. ((: Yeah, I chose to guide and accompany Hwachong student leaders’. Somehow, Jeanin wasn’t with me as my partner. =X But, I managed to handle the 2 guys alone. Haha. With some juniors popping by time to time. Hehe. The 2 guys were Chern Yuan and Yuquan. We talked like so much. I think I talked the most. HAHA.

We talked until the library were just the Hwachong guys and me, and huiling talking to them. Basically, the other schools have left. Oops. Just hope I didn’t hold them back. And since they were heading back to hwachong, and Huiling suggested the we go to KAP, I decided to join them. hehe. Yup, So, I just went up to the council room, get changed, and everything, then rushed back down to the study area. xP So, we left the school and headed to the respective places! πŸ˜‰

At KAP, I did nothing much other than going through some math that I didn’t really understand so that Tuan Anh can revise with me tomorrow. Yup. I think I’ll need his help for some chemical equations stuff as well as the pathetic physics. =X And then, I started to TRY and do my 作业. haha.. funny. It’s Chinese!! I spoke like some non-chinese. =/ And then I realised how bad my reading is for chinese. So, I started to practise with huiling laughing madly beside me at my accent. haha. Weird. Not that bad what, the accent, that is.

Huiling was having fun with my E-dictionary. She decided to borrow it for continuing her fun on the bus. hehe. I thought it was great. Like, she made it interesting whereby I can learn, and more importantly, remember the chinese characters. Yay! I managed to remember afew.

At the NY bus stop, I thought I saw Jiajun. :O Nevermind. haha. Then there was this HCIS guy on the bus, sitting on the seat whereby you’re facing the side of the bus. Huiling and I were seated facing the front of the bus. Somehow, this guy was freaking lethargic or something. He fell asleep after awhile so badly that he was swaying from the centre to the left, back to centre, to the right and the centre again. This repeated don’t know how many times. =X Then there was this girl, who looked younger than me, sitting beside him. And she was feeling like so uncomfortable or something. It was sort of obvious can. She was trying to avoid him. So, since bus 156 was along Yio Chu Kang road, I decided to alight earlier than I had to, to transfer to bus 109. Hence, I asked that girl to sit beside Huiling. haha. Yup.

I waited rather long for bus 109 to arrive. >< Anyway, today was kind of good. haha. Holy Innocent’s High School smsed me when I was having A. Maths lesson. hehe. So, I had to reply. No choice. First time replying in class. So weird and inexperienced. hahaha. And then. my phone dropped on the floor after I sent the message. Then everyone wereΒ  like, ‘WAHH!! hahaha.’ Anyway, doesn’t matter, first time, and it was for some valid reasons. So, I wasn’t surprised or anything when I dropped my phone. xP Want me to repeat? I DROPPED MY PHONE IN CLASS! haha. dang. so silly. xP

Yep. Mrs Lim was great today! Once again, abit weird today. Like what happened one of the days last week. She was joking too much. As in not exactly a lot, but, it was considered a lot for her style of teaching. πŸ˜›Β  Anyway, I like her style of teaching. PERFECT can. Yay! Mrs Lim rocks! Mrs Goh [E. Maths assistant teacher] is CUTE [yea, amanda ting, go laugh at this! haha.]! Mrs Singh is my mummy! and Mr Tan Y.K is my daddy! in school that is. πŸ˜‰

Mugging tomorrow! lalalas. Tuan Anh! haha. bring the book that I love! πŸ˜‰ hahaha.

I had a great time today. I guess. πŸ˜€ Time to plan other stuff already! Now that the invest is over. πŸ˜‰ Thank you, councillors for giving me your support! And, special thanks to teachers, EXCO!! and HUILING! [supreme nice junior and friend!] AND TUAN ANH [for listening to my speech on the phone last night. xP] also, schools who attended the invest. Especially Hwachong! yay! haha. Cause I accompanied them. =P


lots of love,

huishan (((: