Headline news: I am having some interest in Chinese now.

Woah. What a shocking news. Indeed. Haha. Went to Tampines Regional Library to study this afternoon. I was a little lost when I reached Tampines bus interchange. I walked one whole round and decided to call Shi Min for directions. =P

And after some walkings, FINALLY, the library. It was rather packed – every seat, every table and almost every corner. Dang. How to mug like this? ><  Aww man. To be frank, I didn’t like the atmosphere, brightness and noise level of that place. =X I walked around a couple of times and managed to find a seat with a very small ‘table’ of around 35 cm by 20 cm. Small, right?

I started off with some math. But I got kind of bored. So, I completed my worksheet on chemical equations. Somehow, I didn’t really have the mood for math today. Why? I don’t know. I just had this urge to do some chinese. Not the 作业 though. haha. I did something like what huiling and I did yesterday. And I recorded all the new chinese terms I learnt. Yay! Until Shi Min came, we decided to find a better place.

We walked around the whole library and thought that we were left with the only choice, kids section. >< We found this bench and used it as the table. After awhile, Tuan Anh came, I was nice enough to usher him from the entrance of the library. xP He was having lots of fun marking crosses on my Chemistry worksheet. EVIL. hahaha.

I wasn’t very organised today. I did Chemistry, then A. Maths, then Physics. It’s like, I’m doing these subjects at any point of time. So what have I done? I can’t really list them out. Haha. But I’m just glad that I did some Chinese. ((:

Gena and her younger sister joined us later. That was when we moved our mugging spot AGAIN. haha. We went to level 3 and studied outside this auditorium kind of place. It was abit noisy cause there was this Narrative writing talk in the auditorium. But somehow, we could listen to the talk! HAHA. I suck at narratives. =P

Mugged mugged mugged. And, I had to leave at around 17:00. So, I left first, headed to the bus interchange when bus 72 was already there. haha. I was like freaking tired can. During the trip to Tampines, I kind of slept on the bus. In the library, I felt like sleeping, then during the trip back, I slept. Now, I’ve got this flu. =/

I miss Bishan library. The library has the right atmosphere, brightness and noise level was just right. I’ll be going there with issy and her friend tomorrow! yay! Aww.. Didn’t see issy for such a LONG time!! Finally, can meet up with her again tomorrow! hahaha. And at one of my favourite mugging spot. 😀

Specially to huiling: Get well soon girl! You need to take care of yourself, yeah? Have a good rest and don’t sleep too late! Hope you’ll be well enough to come to school on Monday. It’s boring in school without you. ):

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Yay! HWACHONG and PEIHWA! Chern Yuan, Yu Quan and me!