Oh great. Finally blogging. haha. I’m rather happy cause I’m receiving lots of comments suddenly!! yay! Haha. but it’ll die down soon. ): But anyway, who cares? What matters is now! haha. Tuan Anh, spam on my blog? xD

I just returned from AMK Hub. It was a horrible experience. My second time there only. The crowd caused me not to like that place much. I’ll talk about that later.

Mum woke me up in the morning and asked me to bathe. I was SO blur can. I was like, ‘why must I go and bathe?’

‘you’ve got to go for religious class what.’

‘what?! I thought it’s holiday until exams are over?’

‘no. today is the last lesson before the holidays.’

‘omg omg omg. I’m meeting up my friend for studying!’

‘aiyo. haha’

I was a bit like, YAY!. Cause I skipped another religious class. haha. But anyway, I’m free for more mugging sessions from next sunday onwards! That rocks! (((:

I went for breakfast with my family, came home, did a bit of chemsitry concept map, and left for studying at Bishan with issy and her friend, Charlton Lim [HAHA! Same name as the hwachong charlton I know! My daddy!! ((:]. This Charlton is from Catholic High School. (:  First time meeting him anyway.

I was early cause I want to be. haha. I reached there at around 12:00. Super early! (: I was suppose to meet them at 13:30. I did my A. Math worksheet and abit of chinese. Then a bit of E. Math Os question. Sad to say. I’m kind of losing interest for that cause I don’t know. I think because I stopped doing it for some time, hence, I lost the motivation to do it.

When they arrived, we talked a lot instead. =X Issy taught us a bit on periodic table. Basically, SNGS and CHS skipped some chapters or something? I don’t know. My school is like, Chapter 1 to now, still moving on according to the book.

After lots of talking, we went to MOS burger and I had some food there. Continued chatting and Issy and I left for Ang Mo Kio, leaving Charlton alone there. Also, we were like saying Charlton is pronounced as ‘Ch’arlton and not ‘Sh’arlton like what Issy says. I pronounce it as Charlton. And both Charltons I know said so too! haha. Daddy! Go and clarify! hahaha.

Anyway, Issy went her own way when we reached AMK while I headed to AMK Hub. Like I mentioned above, it was BADBADBAD. Like, half the time, I got stuck in the crowd, with people pushing me around and worst, not apologising. >< It’s horrible. I seriously wonder if they really don’t feel a single bit of ‘guilt’ in them. Like, I feel so bad if I knock into someone.

I walked around the Fairprice, trying to find my mum. After one round of walking, I called her and she asked me to wait for her at her booth. So I waited. And she came. Jolyn and I went to have a seat somewhere at level 1. Yeah.

After my mum finsihed what she had to do, we headed for the M1 shop as she was going to get her new phone today. It was terrible there cause the whole 1 hour plus I was standing, feeling so tired, uncomfortable. I want to go home! That’s all I wished. I was kind of bloated, no idea why. Yeah.

Jon spotted me somehow. Hardly run into my friend or clasmate outside. xD Had dinner at the food court. There was this lady that was kind of nice. I was standing there, waiting for the seat and then, when she and her family left, this guy and his kid suddenly wanted to sit. Then mum came and said we waited first. I wanted to say something but I was kind of tired to be bothered to say something. And that lady also said that I was waiting there first. Hence, that guy had no choice but to give up the seat. xP Whent hat lady passed by me, she whispered to me, ‘fight for your rights.’ HAHA. Cool! =P

Now, I’m so freaking tired. Tuan Anh, give me more chemical equations to practise on. ((: I think I’m kind of getting the hang of it. 😀  That’s about it. Need to rush my chemistry concept map. Though it’s not a homework, it’s MC’s stuff. Self-discipline! Gogogo!


huishan. (: