We didn’t mug at the pool-side today due to the rain. However, we mugged at this reading lounge in Jia Ying’s condo. YAY! It rocks! ((: haha. Then went to Hougang Mall to meet Cristina cause they wanted to book the K-box room for huiling’s birthday.

I happily annouce that I passed my latest chinese test. The one that I scored 26/55 at first. Then add 2 marks, so, I passed by half mark. And for overall, I improved by a grade. C6 to C5. good job.

I’ve been selected to go for this Geography competition organised by NUS. Hmm.. Looking forward to it I guess. And monday, we;re required to stay back for geography lessons after english paper. Crap. I think I’m losing understanding for Coast. It’s not such a nice chapter after all. =/

Chemistry rocks again today. Well, thanks Mrs Lim. Seriously, she’s the teacher I look up to the most. I think. Really. Super patient, understanding. She doesn’t mind remaining in class during recess, which I guess is her break time, for explaining to us. I don’t mind sacrificing my recess to listen to her too. It’s great.

I’m just so freaking confused now. ><  Like, everything. Supposingly, I’ve decided to mug at Esplanade library tomorrow, together with Tuan Anh and the MC exco. But somehow, I don’t know why, I thought they agreed to the idea. And when I just called Shi Min, I found out that they’re mugging at Sengkang. =/ Holy crap. Sengkang is a horrid place. Never for serious mugging. It’s just too noisy. =/  Then, I don’t know. Up till now, I don’t know what the hell is the plan. )):  But one thing, I just feel extremely sorry for Tuan Anh. Really. Like, he’s always flexible and just go to anywhere we choose, then we always change venues at the last minute. ))))):  Sorry Tuan Anh. Making you travel and everything. Really grateful for that. I feel so bad. )):

I’m in a bad mood. ):