So, today, I went to the never-able-to-mug-place to mug. That will be Sengkang. Somehow, I seriously didn’t feel good there. This question kept popping up in my mind: What the hell are you doing HERE?!  Yeah. How stupid of me to mug at Sengkang. Compass Point is a crowded place, especially during weekends. It WILL be worst if there were some silly events held there, like celebrities going over for some kind of reality tv shows or variety shows. Once again, I emphasise that I dislike crowded places lately, especially at places that I don’t really like. Also, the noise level is not very bearable. In the library as well. Kids just go running around, shouting and stuff and even TOUCH you or your things and give you a shock. =/  The library, is a whole one level, mini place. Hence, noise that comes from the kids section can even be heard at the adults section. That sucks. ><  Unlike Bishan library or the National Library, they have different storeys and you won’t find a lot of kids at the levels you study at. For Bishan library, kids are ‘kept’ at the basement. They have views from the large glass windows and will be especially nice if it’s some kind of dark weather, provided if you like to see that. As for the National Library, the reference library and study lounge will hardly be a place to find kids there. See? That’s why I love these two library, loving Bishan more. Another choice will be the library@esplanade. I think it’s also unlikely to find kids there as it’s a library for the arts. The library has this dark theme which gives you a nice cosy feeling and scenic views of the city from any part of the library. A comparison of different libraries.


I shall say that I’m not very well, physically and emotionally. I have this heat in me and sense of tiredness. It’s causing me to sleep everyday I reach home from mugging and oversleeping after that. I fell asleep at 18:20 today and intend to wake up at 19:00. In the end, I slept my way through, all the way to 20:20. Zomg. Oversleeping. >< Bad bad bad.

I’ve shown signs of being annoyed. I’m like INNOCENT, seriously. I don’t make fun of people about their love lives and also don’t matchmake them unnecessarily or so. However, it’s so unfortunate that I’ve been disturbed by being matchmade with Jian Xiong repeatedly, with some really overboard comments made. And what’s worst is that, I DIDN’T even show signs of falling for Jian Xiong and then, matchmade with him just like that. That’s so darn crappy.

One of the worst things will be being disturbed when I’m doing my work. Such silly distraction brought in especially when I’m at an ‘unmuggable’ place. It always result in me being damn dao which I don’t really enjoy doing. It sucks can. I seriously wish for no more matchmaking as it is some stupid distraction to have around. Especially at such serious events of mugging, NEAR exams.

Apologies if I sounded alittle harsh but well, I mean it. Cause I had enough. Please? Get real man. =/ I hope I can mug seriously soon. Really. At any libraries described as good above. First will be Bishan/Esplanade. If not, then National Library.

that’s all folks.