Dinner was special today. hahaha. it tasted, weird. Basically, it was prepared by my younger sister, Jolyn. =P  The steamed egg tasted like tasteless scrambled eggs. The long beans tasted like plastic + rubber as it wasn’t well-cooked. Then the steamed fish tasted like uncook fish, it was cold and hard. ><  I call it, ‘fake’ fish. Then lastly, the rice was plain, can’t blame, rice is always plain. hahaha. No offence anyway. =P  Hardwork is still appreciated. 😉

For PE, it was raining. Thus, we didn’t have much choices. So, Mr Riyaz brought us to the gym. He did some introduction, emphasising on some exercises that are good for dragonboat, as he knew that I do dragonboating. hahaha. it was funny, for those who knew why he emphasised on the word ‘dragonboat’ and why he kept using dragonboating as an example. 😀 After which, we were given some times to try out the equipments at the gym. 😛 It was very much a chance for me to train as I knew how to use those equipments. Then I remembered how I trained at the Kallang gym with my dragonboat teammates. It was a great time. 😉  I may go to my school’s gym in future if I have someone to go with me. 😀

Physics was all right today, since I’ve completed all the chapters in the Os topical questions to where he taught until. Hmm.. It was a good thing cause today’s homework was to complete it to there. 😉  So, I’ve got one lesser homework. whee!

Assembly had this weird atmosphere to me. The hall seem so plain and there didn’t seem to be anything going on. The was this dance performance which I thought was rather boring. It was from this dance association whereby they associate dance with mathematics in terms of angles, geometry, rotation, etc. I said it was boring as it was mainly a repetition of movements in different angles, different perspectives. Somehow, they said they’re the top of something in Singapore. I wonder what makes them top. I guess probably I’m just not a dance kind of person. =X

After assembly, I headed to huiling’s primary school, with her. Her primary school is Poi Ching School, a school I’ve never heard before. =X I would say that PCS looks quite good. I thought a couple of the schools’ features reminds me of Fernvale Primary School. xD Still, I think the best primary school is Rosyth School! (((:  Huiling introduced me their tomyam noodles, rated ‘very nice’ by her. I tried it, and I’d say it’s not bad, I guess. Cause, I haven’t really tasted tomyam soup before. Therefore, I don’t know how exactly ‘good’ tomyam soup should taste like. haha.

Rosyth School rocks in terms of everything. The campus is impressive and beautiful enough. 😀  The teachers are strict enough to instill some discipline in the students. (: And the students, are basically, not vulgar. 😛  Good, isn’t it? I guess it’s quite different from my school now. >< Unfortunately. But well, I wish I’ll be in the school of my choice after Os. Anyhow, I heard that the new principal only allows ex-rosythians to return to Rosyth during two occasions in the school – Chinese New Year and Children’s Day. =X That’s bad. >< Oh wells.

After going to PCS, we went to Tampines Mall, visited the shop that we intend to order our council shirts from. We waited superduperuber long before we decided to interrupt the shop owner for awhile and ask for the price of the shirts and stuff. =/ And then, we head for McDonalds, whereby we settled down and grabbed a bite. (:

And I headed home by taking bus 72! I ran after the bus like a wild boar. =X  Cause, I saw the double-decker bus, high possibility that it’ll be bus 72. Hence, I had to run through the crowd whereby there were spaces here and there, hence, I was like, dashing from left, to right, then to left again, etc. Similar to a wild boar. xD  And I managed to catch the bus. 😀  On the bus, it was super quiet. I listened to my songs, how relaxing. 😉

Anyway, it has been raining these few days, and I guess I’m freezing at some point of time, while heating up some other time. Kind of bad. But, oh wells. I’m happy that there’s biology and chemistry tomorrow! (((:

looking forward to tomorrow, yet, I’m not as well.

huishan. (: