I’m so freaking exhausted. ><  I just came home from Bishan library ((: and as I moved from one point to another, as I left the library, I felt as though I was sleepwalking. Eeks. I was like so stone. =X

Anyway, went through 4 subject papers today and here are the results:
Elective Geography:
Question on Natural Vegetation: 20/25
Question on Rivers & Coast: 18/25
Whole paper: 38/50

Total: 76% [A1]

A. Math:
Whole paper: 59/60

Total: 73.8% [A2]

E. Math:
Paper 1: 57/60

Paper 2: 61/80

Total: 84.3% [A1]

Paper 1: 25/30

Paper 2: 53/70

Total: 78% [A1]

That’s my results. I should say that math isn’t very satisfying, especially A. Math. I know a lot of people who scored better. Moreover, I was one mark away from A1. ):  For Geography, I think Shi Min and I are the highest in class, from what I’ve seen so far. I think that our Geography paper was marked leniently. =X Biology, could’ve scored better, if I used the keywords and added them in. Basically, today wasn’t that bad, BUT, it’s kind of sucky. Congrats to Shi Min for doing REALLY WELL for all the papers and scoring first in class for Biology! I’m 4th in class for Biology. Oh wells.

By the way, I wonder why is everyone so concern about passing and failing. In the sense that, when you see your results, the first thing that comes to your mind is, ‘Great! I passed my paper!’. But I think that we should aim for more than a pass, shouldn’t we? Hence, when I didn’t do up to expectations, MY expectations, that is, I won’t be satisfied.

Also, I’d like to emphasise here that MY ENGLISH IS NOT PERFECT OR THE WAY YOU THINK IT IS. I find it super annoying when people kept saying that my English is superb when it isn’t. Look at my results. Doesn’t mean that I speak English most of time, that means my English results will shine. I won’t blame you if you’re referring to oral results, since I SPEAK more English. Hence, people come to me, asking me for my English results, I know, expecting an A1, or the worst, an A2. I am not very interested to entertain such people. =X So, please, people, stop thinking that my English is super professional, yeah?

Apart from that, back to my day. After the checking of Biology paper, which was kind of using our after school time, I was feeling super bored. I didn’t follow the class to the Chemistry thingum or the Career Guidance talk held in Nanyang Polytechnic, because I have the rehearsal to attend. I had around an hour to the musical rehearsal and I couldn’t find Gena and Amanda Ting, who were involved as well. They are Art students anyway, so they were dismissed later I think.

For that one hour, somehow, I didn’t have any appetite. I didn’t have my lunch, and I read my book, outside the library. The library was closed this afternoon. It was very hot out there, but I continued reading my book. Clay, Wendy and Huiling found me there awhile later and asked me to give them ideas on descriptions of the different places in the school. Seriously, my mind was blank, and I felt weak, without the energy to say a word or think. ><  Apologies for being so dao. =X I felt lonely before tehy found me and after they left. The book I was read was expressing that feeling as well. I felt that in my bones.

During the musical, I enjoyed reading the script, performing as different roles. I started off as the emcee, followed by the female minister Mrs Mary Tan, Mediacorp star and the curator. I think my favourite one will be the curator. There’s more life in him. Mediacorp star isn’t bad as well. For curator, I brought out the wrong side of him at the last part. =X I made his speech sound sacarstic when I read it. Although it’s wrong, I’m glad I managed to bring out something that was obvious. 😀 

The rehearsal was supposed to end at 17:00. In the end, it ended at 18:00. So sorry to make you wait, huiling!! =X I had to rush home, bathe, have my dinner and leave my house for Bishan library. Eeks. My throat still hurt horribly. I think I aggravated it yesterday by don’tknowhow. I hope it’ll get better soon. It hurts when I swallow, drink water and stuff. Aww…

I’m so exhausted for no reason lately. )):