Well, I consider today’s outing as boring. Mum asked me to leave home earlier as it will take quite long to reach Tiong Bahru. I ended up reaching there half and hour earlier. Thank goodness I’ve got music and my book. (:  I read the book, standing at a corner. It wasn’t a good position but well, I just want to read. I’m glad to say that I’ve completed that book today. ((:

I was super quiet throughout the outing. Dalilah didn’t come in the end, so, I have no ‘buddy’. Jeslyn Lek was with Yanling, Zoey was with her bestie. And me, all alone, walking with Miss Wong on and off, silently. My camera is so screwed, I didn’t manage to take many photos. In the end, Miss Wong lend me her camera. (: Thanks Miss Wong!!

We walked around the old estates, with all those 2 to 4 storey houses built by the British back then. Then all have the rounded theme and some have those very narrow spiral staircase, etc. We were suppose to take pictures of all these unique features. The sun was shining, and I was carrying a super heavy drumbag with books and stuff inside. Eeks. My shoulder hurts. ><

It ended off early, at around 10:50. When she dismissed us, I left quickly, and took the train to Bishan. I sat at the cafe in Bishan library as I read some Chinese news articles, etc. After I had my food, I went to lookf or a new book to read. I realised that by reading a storybook, whereby I can get so indulge in it, is kind of the only way for me to escape from the noisy and unappreciated surroundings in school. I just don’t like it.

I spent quite long just to look for one book that I can get myself indulged in and feel the story, like how ‘a time of angels’ made me feel. It was hard to find one at the adults section. ‘A time of angels’ was found at the young adults section, but I thought, probably I should just get a book from the adult section.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find on similar to it. I got myself a novel with the title of ‘The Garden of Vipers’ which I suppose, is a murderer-detective story. Well, the previous book I read, the one before ‘a time of angels’ was something similar to this. It’s called ‘Aphrodite’ by Russell Andrews. I just hope that this book will allow me to ‘escape’ from the surroundings.

I’ll be going to the players’ nite later at Sengkang CC. I hope Audrey and all that are going, or not, I’ll be super bored and will feel damn awkward. If I can’t find anyone that’s going, I think I may not go. Oh wells. I’ll see. xP

Going to take a short nap now. bye!

huishan. (: