I have a feeling this is going to be another short entry. )): I’m just too tired to post everything that happened today, even those that are interesting. Maybe I’ll crap in point form.

  • E. Math, completed everything in class, super happy. 😀 
  • PE, chose to go to the gym. Did free weights alone with the help of Miss Ng. ((: So nice of her to think of training me alone since we do dragonboating.
  • For Chinese, I was happy that I didn’t have to do the oral today
  • Recess was crappy as I spent my time filing Chemistry file and it was cut short by 10 minutes.
  • Physics was… okay I think. It wasn’t hard to understand at all.
  • CME, I took over Gena and Amanda Ting in conducting the vendor survey cause Gena was sick and I was helping Amanda Ting.
  • During assembly, there was this mini play and guess what? I tried that part before for the drama workshop!! HAHA. I was so surprised when I heard that part.
  • After school, went for council meeting which I was only informed during Physics lesson. It was a ‘long’ meeting
  • Left for musical just next door of AVA theatrette. Today, only me, Amanda Ting, Benjamin Low and Danny went for the musical. Amanda Ting left awhile later. Danny left later. Well, we were concentrating on the pronunciation, clarity and everything else. And I was asked to read like a 30-year old, which I managed to do in the first trial. haha.
  • Rushed home, had dinner, left for Bishan library.
  • I was there earlier today. Did stuff, then Charlton came. We chatted, studied, did work and left when the library was going to close.
  • On the way out to the bus stop, we saw Charlton’s ex-classmates and they were like, ‘cheering’. I know what they are thinking, but no. HAHA.

Okay. done. That kind of blogging seriously sucks. ><  But no choice. Oh wells. I’m off to sleep!