Well, I can’t help realising that I AM looking forward to holidays. Usually, I don’t cause I see holidays as a period of time whereby you have nothing to do but stone at home and do the whole chunk of homework. This year, since I’ve been working so hard, and lately, I hardly have time to mug, I see the holidays as a period of time for me to mug all I want, go back to school practically every alternate days, do the whole chunk of homework, do some further readings and I THINK the time of stoning will be reduced. So, with that in mind, I’m looking forward to holidays!

Unfortunately, I figured that there’s more homework to do. They’re all coming in bit by bit, making it so disorganised. ><  Currently, I’ve got there homework:

  • A. Math project
  • A. Math textbook exercises [10 – 20 questions with parts]
  • E. Math exams papers [around 4 – 6 papers]
  • Physics textbook exercises [Chapter 3 – 6]
  • Physics workbook [Chapter 6]
  • Geography Mid-year exam question 2
  • Geography newspaper cuttings [3 – 4]
  • English composition
  • English book review
  • Chinese exam papers [1 from Henderson, 1 from Commonwealth]
  • Chinese project
  • Prepare for Chinese oral [33 topics]
  • Chemistry worksheet

I think there’ll be more coming up when we go for the extra lessons next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh wells. I’ve started to do some of these homework already.

Tomorrow is kind of half day. There’s no lesson, there’ll be a concert, followed by the issuing of report book, end of school at around 09:30. However, I’ll have to report for council duty at 09:15 for the sec 2’s PTM. And then, at 14:30, I’ve got musical rehearsal until 17:00. Hence, I guess it makes no difference.

eeks. Mr Tan Yap Kin is leaving. )): He’s going to be the vice-principal in Tampines Primary School. Sigh. I don’t want him to leave can. He’s a super good teacher for History and Social Studies. But anyhow, I’ll wish him all the best in Tampines!!