Hola people! (:

I’m back! Yes, back from the Chinese Cultural Camp. There were a couple of interesting incidents that happened, but I think I’d rather talk about it with photos when I get them from my group leaders [GLs].

Basically, I went there with that injured toe. I had to have my slippers on everywhere I go. It’s one of the worst things when you are playing the games that require you to run around. Things get bad when the ground is wet and slippery. No way I’ll run that way with a pair of slippers.

Next, the irritating thing. I’ve got bad eczema during the camp. Well, it’s not that severe but it’s just the ‘worst stage’ I’ve ever experienced. I had slight eczema before the camp but thought I’ll just let it heal by itself since mum threw away my eczema cream as there was little of it left. Those days, I lived without any ointment. It annoyed me and affected my sleep somehow. Finally, on the 3rd day, I couldn’t endure any further. I requested for some rashes cream which wasn’t provided in the end. Instead, they lent me the Dettol antiseptic cream to apply on my rashes. It did help a bit with the itch but nothing more. After sometime, I’ll feel the itch again. Nasty ones. Hence, they allowed me to bring the antiseptic cream back to my hostel as the previous application will be gone after bathing. Yup.

Now, I’ve gotten myself the eczema cream from the clinic! Cheers!

Anyhow, I haven’t gotten enough sleep and that’ll definitely affect me with the anxiety-related symptoms. That’s going to suck, but I know I’ll pull through.

It’s my birthday tomorrow yet I’m not very excited about it. Tomorrow will be a full day rehearsal. I’d have to bring lots of things. Costume, props, etc.

Anyhow, goodnight everyone!

huishan. (: