I had a full day rehearsal today, on my birthday. It’s my first time having something on on my birthday, hence I felt different. There wasn’t any mood there anyway. It felt like a normal day to me.

Rehearsal was rather crazy to me. Somehow, everyone is restless and tired, especially me. I was stunned for no reason a couple of times. Mr Muru even spoke to me in person, asking me what was wrong and stuff. I don’t really feel comfortable with that. He was saying as though I don’t know that I have to endure and stuff.

Anyhow, I was very hungry [or was it actually my abdominal problems] even though I had my lunch. Mr Muru bought food for us to eat and we had chicken rice. After we had our food, everyone simply lost concentration. We rehearsed but there were many glitches. People either forgot it was their turn, or forgot their lines, or not, they were laughing. I was involved in that as well. I couldn’t remember my lines suddenly. Or not, I’ll deliver the lines wrongly. Lastly, we couldn’t stop laughing at each other’s mistakes.

Other than those, my day was like nothing.

Anyhow, I’d like to thank the people who said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me or gave me a present. They are [in order of who said first]:

  1. Dominic Boey [my bestie in Rosyth ((:]
  2. CCC 神雕侠侣 group people [sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song in 6 versions]
  3. Sandra
  4. Amanda Ting
  5. Gena
  6. Shi Min
  7. Kong Ting
  8. Pei Kang
  9. Xin Fei
  10. Keli [from HW forum] [love ya! :D]
  11. Tam [from HW forum]
  12. Linda [from HW forum]
  13. Annie [from HW forum]
  14. Tina [from HW forum] [love ya! :D]
  15. Gena [2nd time :P]
  16. Benjamin Low
  17. Timothy
  18. Wendy Chua [thanks for the nice bookmark (:]
  19. Davin
  20. Dorothy
  21. Charlton Lim [from Hwa Chong] [my beloved daddy! :D]
  22. Xi Hsien
  23. Niki
  24. Dad
  25. Jolyn [younger sister] [nice card!]
  26. Regina [nice card!]
  27. Janice [elder sister]
  28. Issy [lovely girl! ((:]
  29. Charlton Lim [from Catholic High] [my bestie :D]
  30. Jian Xiong
  31. Kong Ting [2nd time :P]
  32. Tuan Anh
  33. Jason Boey
  34. Tuan Anh [2nd time :P]
  35. Tuan Anh [3rd time :O]
  36. Naqib
  37. Hui Ling
  38. Desmond Khoo
  39. Mr Chia 
  40. Sue [from HW forum]
  41. Ethan [from HW forum]
  42. Lisa [from HW forum]
  43. Guan Yao

That’s all for now. haha. Will continue the list tomorrow.

huishan. (: