Oh man. What a day! I just reached home from dragon boat training and I’m totally worn out. I don’t have the energy to type a lot but I’ll try.

I can’t believe it. I actually forgot that I had PE today. Not really forgot, but just didn’t notice it on the new timetable. I only realised it when I was in school, grabbing books from the locker. I panicked for awhile and was fine after that. Just thought that probably Mr Riyaz won’t scold me for that cause it’s the first time and there was a new timetable.

The first 2 periods of the day was Higher Chinese. We were asked to practice our Chinese oral cause the ‘O’ levels Express Chinese Oral for Sec 3s is next Tuesday. Goodness. He issued out a passage to read and he’ll test us. Surprisingly, I did rather well. He said I emphasised on the right words and it was great, other than the too long or too short pauses at comas and fullstops. However, I think that wasn’t a reliable test cause I practised a couple of times. During the real oral, I wouldn’t have so much time to practise. And what’s worst is, clarify the words that I don’t know how to read.

English was the best period of the day. We watched the movie, Patch Adams, throughout the 2 periods. Man, I love that movie! It’s inspiring and all. It’s real and Patch Hunter is such a wonderful person.

Other than that, I went to KAP today to try and study. Due to the bad mind, I did some copying of the A. Math notes instead of reading new things or deal with long paragraphs of words. I’ve decided to copying all the A. Math notes that I’ve taken down since the start of the year, all from scratch. The main objective is to revise and at the same time, transfer the notes onto a nicer book with nicer and neater handwriting. I was so indulged in it. I was reluctant to stop and head for dragon boat training.

Anyway, training was a bit crazy. As in, it was tough, and I didn’t do my best. Not exactly that, but I did my best on the spot, but it was not the best that I could do. I suppose it was due to all the fatigue. Oh wells. Nevermind.

I’ve been having eczema on and off. It’s rather annoying. Like, you kept scratching it. =X I’ve got meeting and rehearsal tomorrow after school. And I’ll be having a mock oral exam during the last 2 periods of the day. All the Chinese teachers in the school will be present. Sigh. I know I won’t do well. So, drop it.