It was a long day. I was told last night at 23:00++ by Yu Hui that she’ll be celebrating her birthday at Sentosa and if I would like to join. Being totally exhausted, I’ve dropped the idea of going to the gym since Charlton [from Catholic High] couldn’t make it either. But, I didn’t want to disappoint Yu Hui, hence, I told her that I could go.

I woke up this morning, feeling sick. Fatigue, flu, sore throat, and more. I was on my way to Seng Kang to meet her at 09:00 when she messaged me, saying that it has been changed to 10:00. I was rather early and I wanted to drop by IMH to see if I could bring forward my appointment with the psychiatrist. However, Yu Hui replied me saying that Hui Ling reached there already. So, I decided not to do anything about IMH.

When I reached Seng Kang, I looked for Hui Ling and we went to McDonalds. I didn’t get anything from there though. I read Social Studies there and wrote down some points. Well, got to study.

After we bought some snacks and I got some sweets [just in case I get motion sickness] and a can of iced mocha, we headed to Harbourfront. Thanks to the can of iced mocha, I felt more energetic. I was the only Sec 3, and Hui Ling was the only Sec 2.

We reached Sentosa, walked to the shelter and left out thigns there. We sat down, started eating while 3 of us went to change. I changed into my training attire cause I didn’t want to dirty my other set of clothes. After we changed, we ate some snacks. When Chris [part-time teacher in my school] came, we played detective and some other poker games [not related to gambling though].

Then we got bored of it. So, we went into the water! I swam away from the shore and all that. We played inside while Yu Hui and Shermaine stayed at the beach most of the time as they don’t really know how to swim. But we managed to help them into the water by carrying them. 😛 At first, I was reluctant to go into the water since I didn’t bring any towels or extra clothes. But the sight of the water made me forget about those. The sun was shining hence I thought I’d get the clothes dry later on.

I was trying to get tanned at the same time. Since the 3 months of not dragon boating, I became fairer and I want to be tan! We went cycling and Chris brought us a round. He was great at selecting routes to go to. I saw an orange Sentosa bath towel and face towel in the shop. They are so nice!! ORANGE! But the price was too expensive. So, nevermind. But I really like it! It’s stylish. 😀

After cycling, we went back to the beach and played Captain’s Ball. I was already 3/4 dry by then. (: Later on, a group of JC 1 students came and asked if they could join us. So, we played together. They were rather strong at first until we got the big guys. Then the whole game became really fun. 😀 

We met a lot of people from my school there. Oh wells. Everyone went to bathe except me. I was expecting to go for training. But on Chris’ van, I decided to join them for dinner and be late or skip training. In the end, we went to Kopitiam to eat and I had to skip training. Chris couldn’t give us a lift home as he met up with his friend and they were going for dinner. We thought that Tessa’s dad could fetch us home. Someone asked Yu Hui and I to follow. In the end, when we reached Tessa’s dad’s car, they were astonished to see us there. ZOMG. We followed all the way there and they said we were suppose to go along. Aww man. We walked a long way there can. Anyway, I’m all right. But Yu Hui, being the birthday girl should be given a lift, don’t you think? It’s quite sad that she had to go home on her own.

By the way, now, I’ve got sunburnt! Really red. Hehe. YAY! Being tan rocks. (: Oh yes. On the way home on bus 109, I was shocked to see mum board the bus! It was like, zomgwthbbq. What is she doing there?

It’s back to school tomorrow and worst, it’s my ‘O’ level Chinese Oral examination. Nevermind. Chill. Chill. Chill.