I was so upset by one thing which no one should be. I know it’s strange, but I’m upset about losing my social studies textbook. I don’t know how. I just couldn’t find it yesterday when I was putting my books into the locker. I thought I left it in class accidentally. That’ll be the 3rd incident I come across this week. My books went missing two other times this week and fortunately, I found them in class. This time, I couldn’t find it anywhere. )):  One possible reason that I get so upset is that there are personal notes inside whereby I wrote in myself. Also, I wrote the answers to some questions inside too. Now, all gone. ><  I almost cried when I couldn’t find it, even after searching the places.

There wasn’t any social studies test today. Social studies lesson is good so far. Interesting things and lovely teacher. We were given an essay to do as homework. I just remember that. =X

Today, 2 other teachers showed their concerns about my problems [anxiety/stress]. I don’t know, but is it so distinct that people can see so clearly I’m totally stressed out? Mr Tan C.K. talked to me, telling me to clench my fist then release it, feeling the release of pressure. Then Mr Tong spoke to me, asking if I have any problems and if I need help. WOW. Can’t believe it. 5 teachers know about it. When I asked Mr Tan C.K. how did he know about all these stress things going on in me, he replied, ‘you look the most stressful among everyone. I have EYES.’ o.O Well, I appreciate their concerns though. Thanks teachers.

I can’t believe I finished writing my Chinese composition. It’s quite hard to write and I managed to write it! Moreover, I wrote around 835 words and that’ll be under the ‘good’ range. 😛

Rehearsal today was QUITE all right. I thought I did quite well actually cause I managed to slow myself down. I didn’t speak too fast. Then I will be joining Hazimah and Wendy on stage to sing the last chorus of ‘When You Believe’! I just need to practise the song and think of some actions to fit into it, cause I thought I was rather awkward today. Then we’ll sing the pop version of the school song. We’ll have to clap and all that. I’ll se if there are any other actions we can do.

Training was rather all right. Wanted to skip it today after waiting so long. I waited from 19:10 to 19:55. I was thinking that if I still don’t see anyone at 20:00, I’ll leave for home. I was really really tired of course.

I tried taking spicy food during recess. The gastroenterologist advised me to avoid spicy food. However, I haven’t really noticed the abdominal discomforts when I consume spicy food last time as I wasn’t aware of the food I take. This time, I wanted to try if it really triggers the abdominal discomforts. True enough, it did.

Anyway, I’m going for outrigger canoeing tomorrow afternoon with Ai Zhi and Jason R. [he’s a super cool guy! a mixed race: Italian + Thai + European + Asian]. There may be others coming along. Then in the evening, we’ll head to SKCC for the Thank You dinner. No rehearsal tomorrow! CHEERS! But next week, I’ve got 2 common tests already. Biology Common Test and Physics Common Test.

That’s all for today, though more happened, but my eyes are shutting soon.

[Oh yes. I called IMH today and asked if I could bring forward my appointment with the psychiatrist. In the end, she told me that the dates available will only be in September, earlier than that, no dates. So, of course I’d stick to my current appointment date which is 25 July. Can’t believe they have so many patients to see. =X I requested not to have my mum with me when I go for the appointment. And she said I MUST have her with me. I think that totally sucks. They are there to hear me out. What’s the point of having my mum inside when I can’t talk about things as I wished to? I REALLY hope she can not be with me. ><]

lots of love,