Now, as I listen to ‘Wait For You’ by Elliot Yamin, I feel like crying. I don’t know what’s the reason for it, but that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. I think I’m just so sick and tired of all these anxiety/stress crap in me. It’s just so annoying. It spoils my mood and spoils my day. It disturbs me. =/

Anyway, about my day first. In the morning, I visited my relative at the hospital. She was found with something in her intestines after some endosopy tests. Hence, she had a surgery to remove that ‘something’. She showed us her scar and it was about 10 – 15cm horizontally along the lower abdomen. I could she the stitches were about 0.3 – 0.5cm apart and also noticed the whole part that was slashed open. My first time seeing that.

After that, we went for lunch somewhere in Chinatown, and I headed to Harbourfront MRT station. I was there early. Hence, I went to walk around in Candy Empire, looking around for interesting candies and checking out their prices. At around 13:00, I walked back to the station and waited for quite long. At 13:35, Jason R. came and we chatted for awhile while waiting for Ai Zhi, when she arrived at 14:05.

When we were proceeding to the Sentosa Express station, we spotted Jason, Geraldine, Yan Ting and Berlin. They were going to Sentosa too! So, we went there together, but Jason, Berlin and Geraldine stayed at Vivo City.

Outrigger canoeing was not bad. We spent some time at the beach before getting to try out though. There, we experienced the waves coming in and I taught Jason R. how to swim. 😛 It was similar to dragon boating anyway.

After all that, we took the beach tram to the washroom then bathe. We took the skyride to the cable car station and took a bus to the Merlion place. On the bus, an Indian tourist spill his cup noodles’ soup on me. haha. Anyway, we took the Sentosa Express back and headed to SKCC.

We were all exhausted so we slept on the train. At SKCC, the hungry Ai Zhi and I ate quite a lot. Minister Teo [Minister of Defence] was there too. After dinner, we went into the auditorium. While waiting for the minister to enter the auditorium, as well as some others, we could dedicate songs to sing. I thought we could just dedicate them. In the end, we must sing them. I selected ‘Because of You’, thinking that it was the one by Kelly Clarkson. In the end, it wasn’t and Jason R. helped me to sing it, not knowing the song. I also chose ‘Against All Odds’ and I knew how to sing it. More people came in, including the minister. But I just sang it.

Anyway, it was quite a fun day, but extremely tiring. After the outrigger canoeing, I became quite blur. Nevermind. Jason R. was quite nice, kept chatting with me and stuff. Thanks.

I am worried about something.