I should say that today is a relatively good day, compared to the past few days and weeks. No emotional breakdowns and all. But of course, I still get the abdominal discomforts. I couldn’t do math. I can’t think properly of the solution and formula. Hence, this resulted in me being unable to do Chemistry properly, as we’re doing chemical calculations at the moment. It’s terrible. I used to be good at these two subjects and now, I feel kind of paralysed. =/

I am glad that my language side is still not affected. I managed to finish the social studies essay. It was really fun to do and I am quite satisfied with my essay. So, that’s a great thing.

Unfortunately, I came up with a list of ‘homework debt’. It seems rather long to me. ZOMG. Got to finish that whole list by Wednesday and I only managed to finish the social studies essay. >< My major concern is that majority of the list is math homework. And also, 6 mindmaps. I find mindmaps really messy. =/ Crap. Looks like I’m going to suffer tomorrow.

Thank goodness I didn’t go for dragon boat training today and decided to skip the trainings for the rest of the weekdays. Or not, I won’t be able to finish any homework, and I won’t be home now.

Lastly, because I’m just too tired to continue describing my day, I’d like to thank Miss Sophia Tan for lending a listening ear and doing blessings for me. Thank Mr Lin for lending a listening ear on MSN, giving me suggestions, trying to guide me through. Thank Miss Lo Y.N. for her care and concern for me. Also, not forgetting my lovely HW friends. ((:  Really really appreciate the help and all that. Love you guys!

lots of love,