I shall keep this short cause I still have work to do. I’ve planned to do my work until about 01:00. >< Then I will be in school by 06:30. Damn. Mum is like making a big fuss about it. It’s so annoying!! ARGH. I’m there to do my HOMEWORK. Come on. Okay. I don’t sleep the whole night. How’s that?? EEKS.

I’m so not in the mood to talk about anything else anymore. This whole crap by my mum is just making me so darn annoyed and feel like shit. Oh my gosh. What the hell happened to my language. ARGH. CRAP.

Nevermind. I’m typing with great force and you know what? I want to scream. Yes. This happened instantly. I had a lot of things to talk about but now, sorry, I shall not continue before I freak out.

bye. >=(