My apologises for not blogging the past 2 days. Sunday, I studied from 15:00 to 22:30. So, when I came home, I have no mood to blog. Yesterday, mum didn’t allow me to use the computer when I came home from studying. Hence, I couldn’t blog.

Now, I can’t blog much also cause I got to rush to study AGAIN. It has become a daily routine. I cried in class again today, secretly. I just wish that I won’t sleep and do all my work and all. I need to practise willingly but time just doesn’t allow me to. I have the homework piling up and no time to do my personal practices. I get really upset that I have lots of plans on how to improve and all, then in the end, I just can’t do them. I hate to be just saying it and not being able to do it. Argh.

Anyway, tomorrow is my appointment to the psychiatrist. Just hope that it’s my mum going instead of dad, now that there’s no way I can stop my parents from going.

tata! take care all!