Woah. My first visit to the psychiatrist is over! Was so anxious about it!

After school today, dad came to school to fetch me [for the first time] to IMH as a parent has to come along with me. I was early there and we went to Sunrise Wing. However, we were directed to Sayang Wellness Clinic as it was a rescheduled appointment. So, we did the resgistration. I filled up a slip of my particulars and dad had to do a long survey. When we were done with the registration, it was 15:20. Then, we waited.

Finally, at 16:20, it was my turn. Before that, I had my height and weight taken and fell asleep at the sofa. When I entered the room [I was trying to sneak in without dad. =X], the psychiatrist, Dr Lim, spoke in Mandarin, saying hi and introduced himself and clarified my name. I think I gave him an odd look. Then he asked if I want him to speak in Mandarin or English. Of course English.

The first question he asked me was ‘How’s school?’. I said it was okay. He started asking a lot of other questions to get some information indirectly. Trust me, you will never think of what he’ll ask. With dad around, I seriously couldn’t answer properly. It went to the extent that he asked, ‘Then why are you here?’. He asked that cause I didn’t mention any problem. Finally, I started off with difficulties concentrating. Then when I tried to say a bit more and had a little trouble elaborating [due to the presence of dad], he requested that my dad leave the room. Woah. I almost asked him to do that initially.

So,we talked more for 40 minutes or so. I shared more and more of my problems and he tried giving some advice and his personal experiences. It was not bad. I started to review about me. He didn’t say what’s wrong with me but agreed that I’m totally stressed out.

He put me on an appointment with a social worker on 10 August to help me with my problems and discuss them in detail. Then, I’ll have another appointment with him on 4 September. He asked me if I mind if they send a letter to my school. And I said no. I wonder what they’re going to say in the letter. Lastly, he wanted to tell dad some of my problems when talking to him one to one. But I objected. Hence, he promised me that he won’t say anything.

Great. It’s over. Now, I’m looking forward to my next appointment. At least I’ll get some help then. Today wasn’t bad with Dr. Lim. But it was extremely awkward with my dad alone. ><