Today, I was having rather bad abdominal discomforts and was really really tired. I didn’t feel good all along. I had some bad moments and all. I was lonely for some time and felt like I really needed someone to talk to. I was in a teary mood.

Then in the afternoon, I went to find the school counsellor with Wendy, Mrs Geraldine. That’ll be my first time seeing her and the second time Wendy is seeing her. We went to the counselling room and talked about our problems. It was very much an introduction and she gave us a chart to monitor our symptoms and emotions.

During the rehearsal, I felt really drowsy and felt like I’ll drop on the table anytime. I’d like to thank Miss Lo for the small token of appreciation. She gave me a notebook and a metal box. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. In the morning, we’ll be going to the salon to do up my hair and make up for my character. Then we’ll head to school, get prepared, do some sound checks and all. Then it’ll be the actually thing. Zomg. Scary.

Anyway, I’m so happy that I scored 3rd or 4th in class for my Chinese composition! 53/70! Oh my goodness! That’s my best! Cause I used a lot of the phrases that were provided by the chinese teacher. ((:

Looking forward to next appointment with psychiatrist, social worker, and school counsellor.

I’m glad that I made a new friend online today. He’s really nice and made me happy. He’s Jake from Ukraine. (: Yay! Another friend made. Thanks Jake for making my day. 😀

lots of love,
huishan. ((: