I had one bad quarrel with mum last night. Crap. It was a terrible one. Nevermind. Shan’t talk about it anymore.

Today, I had one of the worst abdominal pains I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately, it happened during Higher Chinese Common Test. >< I couldn’t concentrate and was even biting my fingers. =X I was left with 2 – 3 questions together with a summary when we were left with 15 minutes. But I managed to complete it. Very crappy work. But it’s better to be done than blank.

I had some fun with Gena and Shi Min today. We were laughing really madly. Basically, Gena is anyone, from anywhere, does anything, at anytime. Shi Min is someone, from somewhere, does something, at sometime. I am everyone, from everywhere, do everything, at everytime. Now I see why I’m so busy. Haha. That was a joke.

I have no mood to continue blogging now. Just really tired and all. Sorry.

Au revoir!