Man. Today was really tiring. And lonely. =/  I declared a couple of times that I’m all alone. I expected and wanted today to be a relaxing, enjoyable and happy day. But it turned out to be depressing, sad and lonely. I had no mood to perform today. I didn’t feel how I felt on the actual day of the Official Opening Ceremony. I wasn’t confident, I had the ‘forgeting lines’ syndrome in me though I managed to remember them. I spoke too fast I thought and that shouldn’t be the speed. I was very much distracted by the audience.

I really dislike the audience. They were so annoying and unappreciative. We spent 3 months of hardwork on this thing and here we are, performing for them. They didn’t pay attention and made fun of us. I felt like a fool up there and almost forgot my lines because of them. The feeling was really horrible. They critisized us and made a mockery out of us. Goodness gracious me. I really don’t like that.

I was expecting some kind of celebrations with my friends and the cast members today, at least with a few of them. However, it was a great disappointment. People either had no mood or were not free. My mood sank. That’s when the lonliness stepped in. Then I decided to go for bowling with Tian Qing and Desmond Lim. That’s my very last option cause I’ll be going to Kovan for it, which is where I don’t like. It make me feel so different when I go there. The whole feel is different, and I don’t like it.

Things got worst as we entered the bowling place. It was so packed with people, in addition, the noise was crazy. I felt terrible there, really. I just wished I didn’t go. But nevermind. I stayed and played 3 games. I wasn’t playing properly until the 3rd game.

After bowling, I went home, bringing Desmond Lim to Hougang Point while I bathe at home. Then I went there to do some homework with Desmond Lim and Shi Min. Thank goodness some work is done. Then I brought Shi Min to my house after dinenr to watch Prison Break. I’m glad to say that I’ve finsihed watching the whole Prison Break Season 1. It was great. Cheers to Michael Scofield [Wentworth Miller].

I was told to take a real break today, after the musical [by the way, I forgot to bring my courts shoes today, so, I wore Miss Lo’s high heels that was like 3 inch high.]. To be frank, I didn’t really have a break. Mrs Ng said, ‘At Sec 3, there’s no such thing as breaks.’ Okay. Quite true. People kept telling me to take a break. But where’s the break?

I’ll go on a photography trip tomorrow around town and city area to shoot some shots with regards to the theme, ‘Singapore’s Birthday Celebration’. I’ll go with Shi Min I guess. Then we’ll do some work too. In the evening, I guess I’ll follow my family to watch the National Day Parade near the Marina Bay.