Social Studies SEQ test was a great disappointment. I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. Although I received it yesterday, I thought I was all right about it. But who knows, today when I looked at it again when miss lo went through it, I just cried about it. I worked so hard for it. It’s not like I didn’t study for it and all. A fail for SEQ is really saddening. It’s the only thing that can pull up my marks for Social Studies and now I failed it? Anyway, I’m just so disappointed with this result, especially after I worked so hard. It’s not like I didn’t explain or link to the conflict. I did try! But then, marks weren’t awarded. =/ Anyway, I’ve reached the point whereby I already feel like giving up on my Social Studies. I gave an optimistic approach to it when i started this subject. I loved it and did my best. BUT, this subject kept making me upset. =/ Oh wells.

By the way, Chemistry practical was quite cool. We worked with gases, those that are rather choking. I was choked by chlorine gas and ammonium gas. Then I requested to look at my chemistry test results. I was just hoping that I won’t score too low. Mrs Lim granted my request and I saw my marks and help Shi Min check hers. I scored 83%. And that is 33/40. My goodness. It was a relief cause I had mind blank during the paper and sort of anyhow did it, together with calculation errors. Shi Min scored the same as me too.

Crap. I’m tired. I’ll stop here. Sorry guys for stopping halfway sometimes. Or rather a lot recently. =X