I had a bad day today. In the morning, somehow, I felt really terrible by what Huiling said. I felt like I’ve been ordered around by my junior. It sucks. I know what I was doing. =/

Then the last 3 periods, we went to the dialysis centre at Hougang. Somehow, I wasn’t in a good mood. Probably there were too many things going through my mind. I was afraid that I’ll get scolded by Miss Jas for not being able to be at the PAP kindergarten at 14:00 when I’ll only be able to reach school at 14:30.

I called her on the bus and she was fine with 14:30. I was bus sick. After that, I felt really nauseous and dizzy. I was enduring it when I was in the dialysis centre, trying to absorb things. But words just made me more dizzy. I was pissed off afterwards when Wendy called me 4 times at the dialysis centre. Okay. I was at the dialysis centre on a learning journey for Biology during curriculum time. Hence, it’s almost like answering the call in class. I felt really embarassed by it cause the nurses were explaining things halfway and I had to answer the call. In addition, I dislike to use my phone in front of people from the school. My phone is only used for emergency. I don’t want to show people that I’ve got a phone and I bring it to school. But I must apologise that I was really harsh on my tone. But I was helpless all right.

I didn’t have a great time there, unfortunately. On the way back to school, I’ve received 4 calls on the bus regarding the same issue. In that one hour plus, I’ve received about 8 calls. Annoying, eh? When I was back at school, I didn’t have the mood to talk to anyone else. I dashed straight back to class and packed up. I waited to receive my Biology paper and asked Shi Min to take care of my bag while I leave the school for the kindergarten.

When I rushed down to the foyer, there was no sign of Wendy or Nicholas. I walked around like an insane woman, looking for them and don’t know what to do. I was really mad. I stomped out of school later after Miss Jas asked me to make my way to the kindergarten with Jon, taking a cab. Jon bought me a packet of apple juice to try to cool me down. Thanks. We managed to get a cab later on and asked him to drive us ahead. It wasn’t too far. I paid the $2.80 for the cab and rushed into the kindergarten.

I had to play Wendy’s role! ARGH. After everything, Mr Ong from the kindergarten offered to send me back to school. It was rather late by then. Late for Teachers’ Day rehearsal definitely. He asked me to give him a minute. In the end, it was really long, like 15 – 30 minutes. In the end, they called me into the office and discussed certain things. They came to a conclusion that we need one more rehearsal before Sunday and they made it TOMORROW 10:00 to 11:00. I explained to them that I will be involved in the concert, as well as Wendy. They called Miss Jas and she actually told them that it’s okay, she can talk to the principal. WHAT IS THAT?! She’s making decisions for us?? We practised and rehearsed so hard and now you’re trying to take that away from us?? You took away our rehearsal on  Tuesday, took away our time today, and now, you’re taking away our concert?? This is too unreasonable! I told the people at the kindergarten that I can’t do that and they said that Miss Jas said that we can. =/

Mr Ong sent me back to school then. I was about to cry already. It’s too crazy. I ran up to the hall and told Gena, Amanda Ting, Shi Min and Vivian about what happened. Apparently, when I spoke halfway, I broke into tears, and ran out of the hall. I cried even more at the washroom and felt embarassed when I came out of the cubicle with people at the basin. Then I went to the hall.

After that, Wendy found me after awhile, apparently not understand what happened. But we argued about what happened at NKF and why she wasn’t at the foyer. We were sitting near to the speaker. It was above us. We were practically shouting at each other due to the loud speaker. But I was the first to stop the arguement. We talked to Miss Tan about Miss Jas trying to get us out of the concert. She said that Mr lim wil call Miss Jas.

Later, I performed and felt better after that. No choice, I had to smile on stage. Moreover, I was the first to enter the stage. Oh wells. Tomorrow better be good. I’m going to the social worker at IMH at 16:00. I may be going back to Rosyth.

Just now, Shi Min and I made Teachers’ Day presents together. We had lots of fun. Today, she has been rather evil, flaming me and stuff. I was crazy too.

Today was just too much. By the way, I scored 37/40 for my Biology test. ((: 2nd or 3rd in class. I know I could’ve scored full marks. I KNOW.