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I didn’t study because I was sleepy.

Woah. I need to say that I’m feeling extremely sleepy again today! I reached the study lounge at the National Library at 09:05 and it was already packed. I managed to get a seat at the table and started doing work. I was so sleepy that after lunch [had gastric pains], I decided not to write notes anymore but just read the textbook.

I couldn’t absorb anymore later on and decided to just drop by Guilty.Sky’s birthday party. I managed to find my way there! haha. But it was a hot day. Can’t help perspiring terribly. I was so worried that my phone battery will go flat. Then, I won’t know how to contact him. ><

I was practically the youngest there cause Guilty.Sky’s friends are his age. I think his parents are really nice and friendly, and his sister is very pretty. ((: I like his room too! It’s like so cosy! 😀

I’m glad to make to new close friends recently. ((: So, they’re considered my closest friends. (: I hope we’re close friends for life. 😀  Love you guys and thanks a lot! I hope to go out with them more often. (:

Oh yes. I was walking towards the National Library and this elderly lady asked for 1 buck from me. So, I gave it to her. Haha. She asked for 2 bucks at first and I said I don’t have. So, she asked for 1 buck as she thinks I have it. 

lots of love,
Jaslyn. ((:


Today, I’ll summarise my entry into a sentence.


3/4 asleep. ><

It was rather special today. During the last few minutes of social studies lesson and the start of A. Math lesson, I was sleeping. Then after recess, it was English. We had to do situational writing class test. I was afraid that I won’t know what to write and all that. But in the end, I scribble through and finished it on time. ((: 

And, I don’t know what’s going on, but lately, I’ve been having abdominal pains or discomforts quite often. I have them everyday, but these few days, it becomes  so distinct that it may hurt. Being so sick of consuming antacids and knowing the consequences of consuming antacids for long-term, I didn’t really bother to take antacids and bear with the discomfort.

After Chinese extra class today, I headed to Compass Point with Jia Ying to me meet Eldwin at the Sengkang library. After meeting up, we decided to go to Burger King as it was too packed in the library.

I really hate my attitude today cause I was like a damn slacker. I barely got anything done. No notes, no homework. )): My brain was so screwed up and all that. There wasn’t any structure and idea of what I was doing. it totally sucks.

Later on, Jia Ying followed Eldwin and I to find dot, shalyn, jade, saddy and budak [I think] at Ikea Tampines. It was a lot of fun and Jia Ying enjoyed herself a lot! Dot and Loco joked a lot and laughed to themselves. haha. Then we walked around, joked, etc. We went to Tampines interchange whereby I left for home on bus 72. It was a long trip back. I was super tired and I didn’t get good seats. So, it was super uncomfortable.

Tomorrow is English Mock Exam Papers 1 and 2. Sigh. I have no mood to do them! But I want to get it over and done with, then I can go to the National Library to study with some Stompers.

Now, I’m 3/4 asleep. So, goodnight!


Yesterday, I was in a terribly stressed mood. My entire mood was ruined mainly by social studies cause I was put in the group 3 social studies remedial class. It’ll be on thursdays from 14:45 to 15:45. Actually, thursday is my only free day to study cause I don’t have to stay in school for Chemistry or Physics remedials. Now, I’m down for remedials. The bad mood caused me to screw up my english oral examination. Miss Jas said I sounded very tensed up for reading the passage and I have to buck up on my conversation. I screwed up picture discussion too I think. Yikes. There goes my distinction for English. >< Anyway, I went to meet garfield, clement, their friend, grace, loco at the National Library. Then Sky and Tom dropped by to see us. (: However, my mood was still so bad yesterday.

Today, of course, I was way better! The rain played a part in making my mood better cause I love the rain. 😀  Apparently, after a bad day, the next day usually turns out not too bad. Chemistry practical was fun! Why? Because I scalded my hand. =/ I was boiling the anion of nitrate in sodium hydroxide. Then, suddenly, the solution splashed on me. It scalded my hands, wet my book and part of my uniform. Hmm… I thought it wasn’t hot at first. But a minute late, I felt the aftermath of it. Prickling pain could be felt and I could see the redness on my hand. I applied some kind of burning cream after that. For the rest of the day until 15:00, I felt a bit of pain there. Anyway, it’s all right now. 😀

I went for Social Studies remedial and left half an hour earlier to go to IMH for my appointment with the social worker. I wanted to go out to study after I return home for dinner. But somehow, I didn’t have the mood. So, I stayed home and completed my chinese formal letter!

Well, now, as I listen to some songs, I feel nostalgic. They were the songs that I listened to a lot in the first half of the year. The songs recommended by Davin, just brings back memories from 12slc. I remember how I mugged during the 1st semester and how I enjoyed it. It was great. I wish I am like that now. Great songs anyway. ((:

lots of love,
jaslyn. (:

I want to go to the National Library daily.

Lois was super sweet yesterday! (: In the morning, she gave me a mini gift for exam motivation! haha. She did the same for Gena, Amanda Ting and Shi Min too! How lovely. (: Thanks Lois! 😀

Today,we played Captain’s Ball during PE and my team won! Thanks to Desmond Khoo and Kuan Jie. Desmond Khoo who can throw well, catch well, and defend well. ((: Except that sometimes, he’ll just let the other team get some chances of scoring. Kuan Jie is a good thrower. ((: I was the attacker, then defender then the catcher. Catching is my forte in Captain’s Ball most of the time. (: I’ll just try to catch the balls that are a bit off and see if I can catch them. ((:

After school, I went for the storytelling session at Fernvale Primary School. Coco is still so obedient and polite. (: Really nice girl though sometimes she likes to play around with me. hehe. We did some follow-up activities after the story as usual and made a dog towel. Hehe.

Then, I headed to the National Library to study with Grace, Garfield and Clement [just met today]. It was a really good study session cause it was studying all the way. ((: No time was wasted and I’m really happy about that. 😀

Here are just some photos taken using my phone:

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The mini gift by Lois. (((:

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Coco, who doesn’t want her face to be seen. (:

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The dog towel that we made. 😀


That’s all. I just wish to go to the National Library everyday with some Stompers to study. I always enjoy my time with them. ((: They make me feel different. 🙂  Love you guys!

mission failed.

So, last night, I cried a lot. I slept at 03:30 and woke up with very swollen eyes. It totally sucks. But no matter what, I had to go to the National Library. It was pouring outside so I got a little drenched. But anyway, I love the rain!

We sat at the same place and Shi Min and Khairul were there way earlier than me. I did some Chemistry. The whole morning and afternoon was terrible cause I was having some really bad abdominal pains. )): It hurts so much that I could hardly concentrate. I couldn’t do my stuff fast enough.

So, sadly, I announce, MISSION FAILED. I failed to complete 3 newspapers cuttings for SS and I haven’t finish revising for Chemistry. DIE.

Anyway, I’m super upset these days. Eeks. Affecting my mood. )))):


Studying the whole day was just super cool. I love it to the core! I had such a good time studying that I wish the national library never closes and mom would allow me to stay out later. Sigh. Speaking of mom, it’s super sad.

I can’t believe it. Mom actually…

sigh. I think I’d rather not talk about it. Now, my whole mood is ruined. I wanted to stay awake throughout the night to study Chemistry. I wonder if I’ll be able to do it now. >< sigh. terrible mood. ))):

I don’t want to end up crying.