I tried my best to be optimistic and I’ve been good for the past 5 days. However, I don’t know what happened today. I felt so lousy. I guess it just happens every now and then. I wasn’t very happy when we went through a Chemistry worksheet that was given as homework during the National Day holidays. I remember I was rather terrible those days still, hence, the work I did may not be of the best quality. Therefore, now, when I was marking the paper, I realised I’ve got a lot of questions wrong, yet I know how to do them. I redo those questions as Mrs Lim went through the corrections. I suppose it’ll be good to do them again, now that I’m not so pessimistic. True enough, I knew how to do all the questions. Haha. Nevermind.

After Chemistry was Social Studies. It was a crazy 3 hours. The whole time was spent on learning Comparision questions. I don’t know why, my mood was up and down throughout the 3 hours. I was so tired that I didn’t have the mood to go on anymore. During practising times, I cheered myself on, reminding myself to be optimistic. I pulled through, doing not bad at the inferences and explanations, which I sucked at.

Unfortunately, the lesson ended off with 3 SBQ homework written on the whiteboard. That really made me mad. I don’t know. Yesterday, we were given some homework to do. I stayed in school and completed those homework given. This morning, I reached school early and did more homework. I was happy that I’m left with very little homework. But I’m quite sick of homework coming in after I’ve completed one. It’s like you cleaned a place and it was dirtied by someone right away and you have to clean the whole place again.

I kept doing homework and tried to complete as many as possible asap so that I can have fun during the STOMP outing tomorrow, without having to think about homework again. But today, the 3 SBQs are killers. It takes me really long to finish SBQs cause I’m still terrible at it.

I was upset about myself being pissed off. I have no idea what happened or who made me pissed. My mood was just lousy. When I left the school, I was walking with Gena, Amanda Ting, Jia Ying and Vivian initially. They just found out that I was in a lousy mood. Somehow, I increased my speed and ended up walking alone. I cna’t believe it. As a walked, tears flowed down my face. ><

BUT, anyway, *takes a deep breath*, that was just now. I suppose I must get over it. So, I’m great now. 😀 STOP BEING EMOTIONAL!! heh. I guess after I blog this entry, I’ll do one of the SBQs and see if I have the mood to do the other one. I’ve read both and one of them seem really hard to me. So, I’ll do the easier one first. I’ve finished 1 in school. So, I’m left with both. Initially, we have to email to Miss Lo the answers by Sunday. But, after some time, she decided to extend the deadline to Wednesday.

EXCITED FOR TOMORROW! YAY! I managed to save enough money for tomorrow, I think. haha. (: