Today, was quite a terrible day. I went to school feeling so lethargic and thinking of the day just makes me sick. ><

Anyway, instead of collecting homework, the teachers gave us more homework to do. We were quite shocked by that and many were groaning. As for me, I think the killer was Mr Chan, coming into the class, and making us do a Chinese test paper without informing us earlier. Apparently I had no mood for chinese papers. =X

The whole day of school was bad. But Mrs Ng told me that she realised that my English has improved. I kind of doubt so. Then she asked me to look at my assignments. She said that she could see more effort being put in. Oops. I don’t know what to say, but the assignments given lately are all done with the thought of speed in the mind, and not quality.

After school, Shi Min and I headed to Compass Point to complete our homework at McDonalds. It’s like a change of plans. Since we have nothing after school, we study in the afternoon so we didn’t have to go out to study in the evening. I was rather happy with that study session cause I’ve completed my homework earlier than I thought. So, I had a little time with my book.

You know, there’ll be more supplementary lessons after school from now on and we will be expected to remain in school for an hour more of lessons. Oh wells. That means, even lesser time for personal revision. Probably there’ll be more homework to ensure that we have enough practices. All these together will just reduce my time for personal revision and I must say that that seriously sucks. =X

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m going for the NanoChemistry workshop at Ngee Ann Polythenic. I hope they talk about Biology. Or not, I don’t know why I even applied to attend that workshop. =X

It’s the same cycle again tomorrow. >< Waking up feeling all so weak. Sigh. I really dislike that feeling. ):