Oh great. I worried about oral exam the whole morning, asking myself if I am really prepared for it. To be frank, I wasn’t. I wasn’t even in the mood to do the oral exam. Remembering the time of the oral exam that Miss Jas told me yesterday, I realised that I don’t know the venue. I went to look for her to ask. However, when I went to the staff room, Mrs E. Chan informed me that Miss Jas is on MC today. I was totally surprised when I heard that. I wasn’t sure whether I should be happy about it or upset. I guess I felt both at the same time — happy because I wasn’t prepared, but upset cause I have to worry about it. Mrs E. Chan advised me to check with Mr Muru whether I’ll be tested another day, or will I be tested today by another examiner. When I spotted Mr Muru, he told me that all of us will be taking our oral examination next week because today is for the NA students. Oh wells. I’ll forget about oral examination from now on, until the day before my oral examination day.

The E. Math test was very much screwed up. Somehow, I couldn’t remember things. Things like whether the gradient is (y2 – y1)/(x2 – x1) or (y2 + y1)/(x2 + x1). Now, I know that the first option is the correct one. But, I used the second option during the test! Oh no! And, I wasn’t confident with my answers. They just don’t seem right. Sigh. This paper is terribly done.

After the test, I didn’t stay in school to do my work. I’d rather go to Compass Point. At least I can do my work with music. So, I headed to the Seng Kang library straight after the test and did my work at the cafe. I ordered a cup of ice cappuncino to last me the whole time there from 16:00 to 20:45. I didn’t go home to have my dinner, bathe, and rush there this time. I had work to do and I didn’t wish to waste time.

When I was doing my work half way, Mr Chua happen to spot me there. So, he joined me at the table as he read his newspapers. He was there with me for an hour plus. Then later on, Desmond Khoo joined me. Today I did Biology, Chemistry and E. Math. ((: I’m quite satisfied. 😀  I don’t know why, but I spent a lot of time on the Biology ‘concept map’ on regulating blood glucose level and blood water potential. hehe. I got a shot of each of the ‘concept map’.

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‘Concept map’ on regulation of blood glucose level.

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‘Concept map’ for regulation of blood water potential.


That’s all for today. (: I feel like starting to sleep really late so that I can spend the time to revise. I’m feeling VERY GUILTY for not revising yet. )):