I’m quite satisfied with myself today. Haha. Well, I handed up the A. Math supplementary worksheet today! 😀  Then, I managed to write a personal recount during the 2 periods for English today. I finished it and used some vocabulary phrases! haha. So, I’m quite happy about that cause I thought I’ll just slack off without any inspiration, and end up crapping something, not completing the assignment. I also did the Chinese Mock Exam with effort today, except the last page of answers whereby I didn’t have so much time left.

This morning was crazy. It was the FIRST time in my whole life oversleeping on a school day! I woke up when the alarm clock rang at 05:45. I went back to rest a bit more, knowing the mom will wake me up in 5 to 10 minutes’ time. However, last night, mom forgot to switch her alarm clock on. So, she only wake us up at 06:40. Usually at that time, I would’ve reached the school gate already. So, we rushed and my elder sister and I took a cab to school. In the end, I reached school at 07:00, leaving me some time to study a bit. hehe.

In the afternoon, I met up with Garfield and ZM at Compass Point to study. Tianqing, Nicholas, Desmond Lim, Jia Ying and Shi Min joined us too. I was expecting to study till 22:00. Who knows, no one will be with me from 18:00 onwards. So, I had no choice but to go home cause that really made me have no mood to study.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at the National Library as early as possible until the evening to study Chemistry cause Monday is the mock exam and I haven’t started revision yet! EEKS! Thanks to homework. =/ I MUST score at least an 80% for this mock exam. I guess some Stompers will be joining me at the National Library tomorrow.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW that yesterday, I kept thinking that today is tomorrow. Oh wells. A whole day set aside for studying! That seriously rocks! 😛

That’s all for now. hehe. [A bee came to me this morning at school! It looked really interesting and it didn’t sting me, despite flying around me for some time. haha.]

lots of love,