So, last night, I cried a lot. I slept at 03:30 and woke up with very swollen eyes. It totally sucks. But no matter what, I had to go to the National Library. It was pouring outside so I got a little drenched. But anyway, I love the rain!

We sat at the same place and Shi Min and Khairul were there way earlier than me. I did some Chemistry. The whole morning and afternoon was terrible cause I was having some really bad abdominal pains. )): It hurts so much that I could hardly concentrate. I couldn’t do my stuff fast enough.

So, sadly, I announce, MISSION FAILED. I failed to complete 3 newspapers cuttings for SS and I haven’t finish revising for Chemistry. DIE.

Anyway, I’m super upset these days. Eeks. Affecting my mood. )))):