Yesterday, I was in a terribly stressed mood. My entire mood was ruined mainly by social studies cause I was put in the group 3 social studies remedial class. It’ll be on thursdays from 14:45 to 15:45. Actually, thursday is my only free day to study cause I don’t have to stay in school for Chemistry or Physics remedials. Now, I’m down for remedials. The bad mood caused me to screw up my english oral examination. Miss Jas said I sounded very tensed up for reading the passage and I have to buck up on my conversation. I screwed up picture discussion too I think. Yikes. There goes my distinction for English. >< Anyway, I went to meet garfield, clement, their friend, grace, loco at the National Library. Then Sky and Tom dropped by to see us. (: However, my mood was still so bad yesterday.

Today, of course, I was way better! The rain played a part in making my mood better cause I love the rain. 😀  Apparently, after a bad day, the next day usually turns out not too bad. Chemistry practical was fun! Why? Because I scalded my hand. =/ I was boiling the anion of nitrate in sodium hydroxide. Then, suddenly, the solution splashed on me. It scalded my hands, wet my book and part of my uniform. Hmm… I thought it wasn’t hot at first. But a minute late, I felt the aftermath of it. Prickling pain could be felt and I could see the redness on my hand. I applied some kind of burning cream after that. For the rest of the day until 15:00, I felt a bit of pain there. Anyway, it’s all right now. 😀

I went for Social Studies remedial and left half an hour earlier to go to IMH for my appointment with the social worker. I wanted to go out to study after I return home for dinner. But somehow, I didn’t have the mood. So, I stayed home and completed my chinese formal letter!

Well, now, as I listen to some songs, I feel nostalgic. They were the songs that I listened to a lot in the first half of the year. The songs recommended by Davin, just brings back memories from 12slc. I remember how I mugged during the 1st semester and how I enjoyed it. It was great. I wish I am like that now. Great songs anyway. ((:

lots of love,
jaslyn. (: