It was a wonderful day after school. haha. Although I knew I screwed up my E. Math for the first time, it was rather enjoyable today. Something different from school I suppose. You know, it gets really boring in school and you get totally sick of it. )): So, hanging out with people who are not from my school, makes me feel different. πŸ˜€ At least I can forget about school, not think about it. We talk about things that is different. xD

Well, I went to Bishan Library with Sky today. (: I studied some Physics and we chatted about things. And we went for dinner together, [Thanks for dinner. (:], and left Bishan for Funan DigiLife Mall cause Sky wanted to get his earpiece. In the end, we couldn’t find it. So, we left for home. hehe.

Thanks a lot for studying with me today. ((: And, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY! πŸ˜€ Besties forever! ((:

lots of love,
Jaslyn. (: