When I study hard, I do badly.

When I get better, something will spoil it.

When I have finally decided to have a break, something else will have to take that away from me.

Why do things always have to go against me?

Oh wells. Nevermind. Now that exams are over, I’m back on my busy schedules. Today, I’ve got council meeting and Jalan Kayu Heritage Trail tour guide selection. I was informed like, THIS MORNING? =/ Tomorrow, I’ve got meeting with Mr Lim, then I’ve got CCA!

Sigh. Don’t know why, suddenly feel so emotional and feel like crap. Cried this morning because of Biology exam. Then now, I feel… damn. Matthew said, “Fragments of you leave behind when you create an impression or whenever you get hurt a part of you is lost away finding it back in the vast place of memories by no means is easy.” I think it is so true and makes sense. Indeed, I’ve been hurt repeatedly. It’s like cutting over the old wound. It does hurt a hell lot. I’m trying damn hard to find my old self back. It’s taking too much time. I always thought I’ve found my old self. But in the end, it wasn’t real. It lasted for like a few minutes or hours? Then I’m back to the depressed and worried me. I feel like living in isolation, in a room with what I need to study. Then I’ll study all I want alone. Should I? I don’t know.