By tonight, I’ll have to memorise all my parts for the Jalan Kayu Heritage Trail bus guide! There are so many words to memorise. Oh wells. But anyhow, I’ll memorise it. 😀

Today, as usual, I had activities that clashed with each other. And also, there was a last minute council meeting right after school. Followed by the Jalan Kayu Heritage Trail meeting. Actually, there’s also the last session of the storytelling session at Fernvale Primary. But then, I’m not allowed to go for anything else other than the Jalan Kayu Heritage Trail.

Anyway, I’m rather happy with myself. 😛  I realised how much it helps not to let things get to you. All these last minute meetings used to put me in a depressed mood and etc. But then, this time, I knew that was how I reacted last time. So, I refused to acknowledge it. xD There! I didn’t let it get to me. hahahaha. 😀

Anyway, tomorrow, there’s no lesson! But I’ll have to sit in the hall for freaking long. ><  I rather hear some career guidance talk. =X  Then after school, got to be on the bus for Jalan Kayu Heritage Trail for like, how many hours? I don’t know. But who cares?

Anyway, that’s just an update. Bye!