My whole day was spent doing holiday assignments! Haha. I was at Bishan library with Shi Min, Khairul and Subbie. ((: I realised that it IS indeed the efficiency. I’ve completed 3 homework only, despite the amount of time I spent there. I completed 3 homework the past 2 days, although I had very little time. Hmm… Now I see the difference. Anyway, I don’t know what else I can do. hehe. I did concentrate on doing my work today, but I was very much interrupted during the afternoon when the glaring sunlight just made my eyes so pain. Moreover, my nose was like a running tap. ><

I think I’m going to fall really sick soon. =/ Inflamed throat, blocked nose, runny nose, migraine headaches. >< Anyway, I’ll just hope that I’ll be fine by council camp. (:

I finished 1 full English paper 2, 1 set of E. Math paper 1 and 1 set of E. Math paper 2. In other words, I’ve completed all E. Math homework! CHEERS! 😀

There are so many more homework to go! Just keep working on it. ((:

jaslyn. (: