I’ve changed my blogskin once again. ((: Quite sick of the old one. This is simple. I like it. xD

Today, I didn’t really have the mood to do any homework. I was at Bishan Library at 10:00 this morning. I started off with the English book review and talked about The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen. Next, I started on English situational writing. I think I was too driven at that time, although at the same time, I didn’t have the mood for homework. After finishing 1 situational writing, I started on another one. While waiting for Dominic to be done with training, I did another one. Then when I was reading the question for the very last situational writing, Dominic came with his 2 RJ friends.

We had lunch at Subway. It was my first time eating at Subway actually. haha. I think I was quite quiet at that time cause I totally don’t know those 2 people who came with Dominic. Then I had to leave early after I’ve eaten. I took bus 156 to Seng Kang to meet Wendy to discuss about the council camp. On the bus, I slept rather well. 😀

After discussing about the camp at MOS burger, I finished the last situational writing and left for home. ZOMG. I FINISHED ALL THE SITUATIONAL WRITINGS!! And I actually did 4 out of 5 in ONE day. This morning, staring at all the questions, I thought that it’ll be one of the last few homework I do. But then, I didn’t expect that I’ll finish them all by today. Wowzers. 🙂

Tomorrow, I think I’ll be meeting Tian Qing to do my homework since he asked me to. I think it won’t be anywhere far, probably just at Sengkang. Nevermind. Maybe I should complete the 2 remaining comprehensions tomorrow. haha. I really can’t do the A. Math questions! Wait. I know I can, but at the moment, that chapter is still blur in my mind. So tough to do. I can stare at it and think for so long and come out with no possible solutions. Oh wells.

that’s all folks’!

jaslyn. (: