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Welcome back!


I went to the airport to pick Tuan Anh up, then we headed to Hwa Chong Boarding School so that he can dump his luggage in his room.

After that, Hui Ling and I asked a taxi driver, whose taxi was just outside the boarding school, the cost of the trip from HCBS to VivoCity. He said it cost 10+ bucks, it’s cheaper to travel by bus. We told him we wanted to travel by bus, but didn’t know how. So he told us to go opposite Hwa Chong Institution and look for a bus that goes to Pasir Panjang. After that, we thanked him and started walking the long way out to the bus stop.

The taxi went off, then we saw it reverse back. The taxi driver told us he’ll just send us to VivoCity for free, since we still have to walk such a long distance out and wait. And he wanted to take a break and go home after that. It was just really nice of him! 😀

The 3 of us met up with Shi Min and Khairul just outside GV. We bought tickets for 4 for I Am Legend, 18:20 show. Hui Ling couldn’t watch with us. >< We just hang around HabourFront Mall’s McDonalds before the show.

I Am Legend is super nice! So sad that the dog, Sam, and Robert Neville died in the show. >< So sad.  I just wish the movie was longer. hahah.

That’s about it for today.




Before my blog becomes stagnant, I suppose I better revive it now, on Christmas Day. 😀

I’ve been mugging, and using the computer the past few days. Haha.

Yesterday, I went out with Dory, Shi Min and Pearson. It was really fun! Shi Min and I rented a tandem bicycle at 8 bucks. So, it’s only 4 bucks each! So cheap. 😛 Then Dory and Pearson rented a pair of skates each. We switched around during the 2 hours. 🙂 It was so fun! Pearson and Dory cycled, I held on to the second seat of the tandem bicycle, then Shi Min held on to my waist. 😛 So, we were dragged. 😀

Later on, we washed up and played 2 rounds of bowling! PERFECT! 😀

Last night, I received a total of 19 Christmas messages. HAHA. The best one was from the Stompers. 😛  They prank called me at 01:30 and said Merry Christmas to me! HAHA. Damn funny. 😛 Thanks guys! Fortunately, I was still awake at that time. xP I was awake until 02:15 I think.


lots of love,
jaslyn. (:

Done, and not. heh

I finished Geography homework today! Lalalas.

Tomorrow, A. Math. EEKS.


I’ve received a letter yesterday, saying that I’ve been awarded the EAGLES [Edusave Award for Achievements, Good Leadership and Services] Award. 150 bucks. Together with the Edusave Scholarship, it’ll be 650 bucks for this holiday. 😀  I’m just glad that I received these awards and the money will be put to good use cause I’m broke right now. :X  I never did work for these awards. Haha. They just happen to be awarded to me. I study hard for the sake of my future, I do leadership because that’s how humans should be like. Anyway, I’ll continue studying hard and be a leader. 🙂

We went to see my elder sister at the BookFest at Suntec City today. All her friends there were so amazed to see me and kept saying I look exactly like my elder sister, etc. Then mom played along and said I’m her twin. I’m fine with whatever they say. Haha. I was just a bit uneasy by the stares I get for looking similar to my elder sister. Other than that, everything’s cool. 😛

I did a composition today, which also means that I’ve OFFICIALLY COMPLETED ALL ENGLISH HOMEWORK!! That’s so great! The subject with the most homework! 😛

Tomorrow, I’ll do Geography. 🙂

Jaslyn 😀

Getting things done. (:

I’ve completed some homework yesterday and today. That’s just so great. An English book review, 2 English comprehensions, social studies SEQ. 😀

I’m trying to complete all the homework as I want to get started on next year stuff and forget about homework. 😛

No one came for today’s mugging session. I can’t believe it. Shi Min and Gena told me that they aren’t coming. But Desmond Lim who was bugging me for the details actually didn’t say a word. I couldn’t contact him. Dory was sick at the last minute and only contacted me AFTER the mugging session. Oh wells. I waited for nothing. I paid for the stuff at McDonalds cause I was waiting for them, or at least waiting for them to contact me. But then, no one did.

Anyway, I’m just happy enough that I completed some work. 🙂  I went to the library later and intended to do a composition. I went to search for a book about what happens in the E.R. in a hospital. But then, I can’t find a book like that. Instead, I grabbed a first aid book and started reading about what to do when you get burnt, how to bandage, etc. Hehe. It was interesting. 😛  So, I didn’t do the composition in the end.

I’m not sure what happens tomorrow. My aunt asked me if I want to help her pack cookies, $4.50 per hour. Sounds cool to me. I want to go! But I’ve yet to contact her. Maybe I should call her really soon. 😀

Take care Dory! (((((Dory)))))

I want the Stardust Soundtrack!! The music is so nice!! 😛  Now, I’m addicted to ‘Rule the World’ by Take That, from Stardust, played at the end of the movie when they showed the credits. Lovely song. 🙂

jaslyn. (:

Enough break, time to start mugging. :D

Whoa. I didn’t blog for so many days. ><

Anyway, all I’ve been doing is habbo, The Surgeon, eat, sleep, facebook. Nothing much.

Today, I went to the beach and cycled in the rain.

You know what? Tomorrow I’m going to start some crazy mugging! HAHAHAH. I’m just so happy that I’m going to get started again. Enough rest and all that. 😀  Shall continue with homework, then self-study. 😉

I’m excited!! 😛

That’s all. hehe.

jaslyn. 😀

Orchard Road. (:

Today, dad just returned from India.

Yesterday, my cousin just gave birth to another girl. 😀 So, I’ve got another niece! She is Megan’s sister and is called Allysa. Nice and unique name. ((: I have yet to see her, but I’ll probably be seeing her next week. ((: Must be another smart and sweet girl. 😉

At religious class today, was the rehearsal for the graduation next week. My class is performing a chinese buddhist song. Apparently, the class isn’t very co-operative. It’s quite annoying. I’m anti-social there. :X So, I didn’t say much. I read The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen most of my time there. I can’t believe that on stage, before our performance, I actually volunteered to sing with another girl using the microphone. But anyway, I did. I’m not scared of singing into the microphone, really. I’ve spoken into a microphone so many times, I actually enjoyed it. But then, I wasn’t really volunteering it at first because of the class. No one bothers to sing, and the microphone seems like some disease to them. I’ve seen this for weeks. I didn’t attend religious class for a couple of week, hence, I missed a few practice sessions for the performance. Despite that, I actually learned the song before them. I can’t help but to talk about this here. >< Anyway, 2 other girls are going to sing with the microphone, sharing it. That’s a good sign. But no guys volunteered. In the end, they ended up being jealous that the girls were ‘praised’ for singing louder and the reason was because we had the microphone. In the first place, everyone has a choice to volunteer to sing into the microphone, but no guys did. I just found this kind of unreasonable. :X Anyhow, next week will be my last day at religious class! YAY! 😀

When I returned home, I slept for 2 hours. I can’t believe this. I’ve been getting these sleepy spells for the past few days and it’s just making me want to sleep in the day. I slept early at night and woke up late in the day. I have almost twice the amount of sleep I get on a normal school day. Some people suggest that maybe it’s a sleep disorder, or a psychological problem. Haha. I’ll just live with it cause I’ll be back to lesser sleep right after the school holidays. It’ll be back to waking up early in the morning. But then, I’ve told myself that for next year, I ain’t going to try sleeping late and mug till very late. I’ve thought through it and decided that it isn’t a very good idea after all cause I don’t get enough rest. Next year is a short year and I don’t have much time to prepare for Os. So, I don’t want to find myself sleeping in class. It makes me miss out any important information. I’ll try my best to be really attentive in class. That will mean earlier nights than this year. ((:

We went to Bishan for dinner and suddenly thought about looking for my elder sister at Wisma cause she’s working there today. She’s working for my cousin’s company for 2 days, yesterday and today. It’s for this French magazine, AUGUST LOFFICIEL. Then we went to starbucks to hang out for awhile, and left for home. (:

I’m excited for Wednesday! I get to go out with some friends at East Coast Park. xD Well, mom and her friends decided to spend a day out together at East Coast Park. They’ll each cook something to bring there. 😛 I’m allowed to invite 5 friends. 😉 I’ve made my choice and asked 3, haven’t ask the other 2. :X Shall ask them soon. 😀

Oh yes, before I end off, some photographs of Orchard Road. 😀

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The small tent of AUGUST LOFFICIEL. (:


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Sorry about the bad quality. I took these pictures with my phone. :X

lots of love,
Jaslyn. (: