I don’t know why and what happened that made me feel this way. Since last night, I felt odd already. This morning, I was fine but the feeling came back again after some time. It was like the kind of feeling I felt for the past few months.

I’m feeling moody, lethargic and weird. I just hope that this feeling will be gone soon. It makes me cry to feel like that. I sat in front of the computer, no matter how funny the thing can get, I won’t laugh. If I do, I guess I was merely forcing it out.

I went to bed just now, lay there and thought really hard what happened to me. I couldn’t come out with an answer but I started to shed tears, then it led to crying. It has been a few weeks since I last cried.

I guess it could be the homework that’s making me feel like this. Too much boring homework left, I can’t get myself started on them. Just slacking and not doing anything make me feel terrible, wasting my time. I feel bored and have nothing to do.

I guess I can only hope for the better. I just want to talk about this on HW, but they’re all sleeping now, at this hour in America. Tomorrow is the STOMP outing. I just wish there are people whom I know who are going. Or not, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I need some people I know to be there.

That’s about it. Just thought I may feel better after talking about how I feel right now.

Anyway, I think I’ll ‘activate’ Mugging Corporation really soon. It’s time to start mugging for Os.