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I just came to blog about something. Hahah.

Today is the rehearsal for the Prize Presentation Ceremony 2008 on 6th February. We weren’t aware of the awards we were awarded until today.

Somehow, they started off with Top NAPFA female results first for the whole ceremony. And I’m actually that first person. I’m pretty surprised that under the Service Award, Gena and a few other councillors weren’t selected, including me. :X  It’s really quite odd cause people who contributed WAY MORE than the others weren’t selected. Many were surprised.

I was surprised that I got another award! It’s called the 2nd tier scholarship. I received the 1st tier scholarship when I was enrolled into the school. I wonder how much will I receive this time. Hahah. Only a few people receive the 2nd tier scholarship.

Anyway, Matthias, please don’t be too upset by your results and other incidents. I understand that it’s tough, but do hang in there, yeah? Try your best not to let it get to you, okay? (:

lots of love,
jaslyn. (:


Good news!

I can’t believe it! 2 good news for today! Hence I just have to blog about it!

I’ve received my results for Chemistry Test on Metals. I’m really glad when I saw the name list with the results on it. I saw many B3s and B4s, barely any ones at the top of the list. I was worried at first. It was easy to locate my results on the name list cause Dalilah doesn’t take Chemistry. I saw a ’90’ there and I was overjoyed. I checked the paper there and one of them was super duper careless error! And another one, it SHOULD be correct according to the textbook, but incorrect according to Mrs Lim. So, 2 marks, flew away. :X But anyway, the most important thing is to learn from it. 😛

3 tests today, and they’re OVER now!! HAHA. The Biology test was JUST BEFORE the release of our Os Express Chinese results! We were so nervous and stuff. But I managed to concentrate on Biology.

When we headed to the hall, Mr Chan said no Seoul Garden treat cause only 80% scored distinction. When I heard that, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘CRAP. I’m one of that 20% that didn’t score distinction. Probably a B or even a C!!’.

In the hall, Miss Chong and Miss Teo gave a speech each. We were so nervous and just can’t wait to receive our results! We obtained 100% passes. Hahaha. Then after all the talking, FINALLY, they said they’ll give out the certificate to the A1-holders. I was worried at that time cause people will know your grades! By the way, they had all the Sec 3 and Sec 4 Express students in the hall to witness the whole release of results. :X

They started with Amanda Ting. We were all happy for her. They called more and more people up. I didn’t expect to hear my name, so I just sat there, happily clapping for my good friends. (: Then suddenly, around the 6th or 7th person, they called my name!!! I was totally surprised and overjoyed! I went up the stage to receive my results, thinking that others must be thinking, ‘ZOMG! MIRACLE! ‘

When I returned to my seat, I broke into tears right away, tears of joy! I still can’t believe it! I scored Merit for my Oral/Listening Comprehension, and A1 for the whole thing. That means, my Paper 1 & 2 must be very good to cover up for the Oral/Listening component.

Hahah. I’m just so happy! And I’m so going to drop higher Chinese. SAY GOODBYE TO CHINESE!!!!!! Hahah.

To people who didn’t do so well: Please don’t be so sad. I feel for you. We got to move on. *hugs*


lots of love,
jaslyn. (:


I’ve been so busy with school that I hardly get to blog!

I’ve reduced my time spent on the computer. This week, I don’t even have time for personal revision due to the large amount of homework and stuff.

Yesterday I went to the Parliament House for the Parliament Sitting. It was a great experience and I enjoyed my stay there. I’d love to attend more Parliament Sittings if possible. 😀 I don’t think what they talked about was boring. I thought it was rather interesting. 😀 I shall not share the content here. :X

Tomorrow, we’re going to Pulau Bukom Refinery Complex! I’m rather excited cause we get to take the ferry there. 😀

Thursday isn’t a day that many of us are looking forward to. We’ve got 3 tests: Biology, E. Math and Higher Chinese [got to memorise 250 idioms!! ><]. Then we’re also receiving the Os results!! ZOMG! But not forgetting the good part, it’s Desmond and Dominic Boey’s birthday! 😛 Hahaha.

That’s about it. I think I can only give short updates like this every now and then.

jaslyn (:


I’m very busy these days! School, study/meeting, home. That’s what I do daily. Hahaha.

Anyway, yesterday, I had family dinner at Kenny Rogers. My first time dining there and I I have to say the food is really good and expensive! But the serving is HUGE!

Then I bought a t-shirt for Jolyn as birthday present and bought a t-shirt for myself as well. 😉


I’m just excited, can’t help it. 😛

jaslyn (:

A sentence. :P


Sucky throat and nose


Hahaha. I made it sound like I’m a sec 1. 😛

Well, last day means that we have to help out and the sec 1s will get really high, before they officially start lessons next week.

You know, I just LOVE MATHEMATICS now. More than before. 😀 Mr Ho is a really good Math teacher, I’ll say. He explains really well and doesn’t mind explaining to you after school. 😀

I just reached home at 22:00. Hmm… I talked A LOT today and stood A LOT today! Just to promote and help my CCA. 😛

Anyway, I just dislike my nose and throat for now. It’s just so stuck with phlegm and mucus. ): I think my body is producing excessive mucus. It just makes it a bit difficult for me to breathe and talk properly. ><


lots of love,
jaslyn. 🙂

2nd day of school. :P

Second day of school and I forgot to bring my A. Math and Chemistry textbooks and materials. Actually, I won’t really consider it as ‘forget’. I did notice the ‘AM’ on my timetable and I saw ‘CHE’ as ‘CME’. :X But then, I wasn’t the only one. 😛

Anyway, 2nd day of school and we had an English test! Cool, eh? 😛 Miss Kodi walked into the class and just asked us to take out our foolscap paper and keep everything else. We had a composition test. Wow. I think I wrote crap. Then, when I went to find Mr Ho after school at HOD room and saw her, she said she marked mine and Gena’s already. o.o  She’s seriously fast and efficient!

I love what I’m doing so far. 😀

lots of love,
jaslyn ((: