First day of school!!

It wasn’t all that bad, but not all that good either. Haha. As expected, 4E1 classroom is located at Level 4. Poor us, got to climb all the way up there with our HEAVY books. This year, our ‘1 period’ is equivalent to 50 minutes. Everyday, school will end earliest at 14:10 for us. >< That’s so late.

During the orientation games, I was in charge of the game, All Aboard. Basically, they just have to get into an area of newspaper in a certain time. I don’t know what’s the problem with the boys, they are just not willing to try for the 3rd level! They THINK it’s impossible. And the girls DID IT. They don’t want to try, fine. But then, they DESTROY the newspaper being set up. And the boys from 1E1 are the worst juniors I ever met. They just think that they’re so smart. Sigh. How crappy is that. ><

Other than that, the day was fine. (:’

jaslyn 🙂