I’ve decided, I’m really going to cut down my time spent on the computer to almost 0 hours weekly, or even 0 hours. I’ll just study and study and study! YAY! I shall not study with my phone around too. It’s a distraction as well. So, when I study, I only allow books, stationary and music I like to accompany me. In addition, I shall not allow myself to sleep anytime later than 00:00.

Today, I had 3 tests. Now that they’re over, I feel much better. I was pretty high after that. But then, I think going to have dinner at AMK Hub with mom was a wrong choice. I should’ve continued doing A. Math at Compass Point!! Apparently, mom wants me to buy my new clothings for Chinese New Year. And of course, the so-called trendy clothes to other girls don’t suit me at all. I really dislike them. So, I can’t find any clothes I like. :/

Now, as I sit here, I wonder… are people expecting too much from me? or am I the problem here? ><

One more thing. My elder sister deleted all MY SONGS from the computer. And they’re all my favourite song. ): It’s like, if you want to delete the songs, AT LEAST ask me or save it somewhere else, right??? You just delete them like that? If I’m the one who deleted her songs, she would’ve scolded me terribly. Sigh. No nice songs around really sucks. )):

That’s all.

lots of love,