Firstly, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR TO ALL! My apologies to those whom I missed out on sending the messages to. :X

Sorry I didn’t update the past few days cause I was pretty busy. Chinese New Year and all that. hehe.

Wow. Too many days, I forgot what I want to blog about already. ><

Anyway, this year, I don’t feel the Chinese New Year mood. Maybe that was the reason why I dozed off at 21:30 on CNY Eve and slept through the night all the way to morning. :X Maybe I was just too tired. That day, I had to make a speech, a vote of thanks. It was my very first time making a speech without rehearsal. I was handed the speech the day before the actual day. So, I just kept practising. (: I think that speech made me realise that one must really believe in himself/herself in order to perform well.  I admit I was a little nervous before making the speech, cause as mentioned, I didn’t have a proper rehearsal. But I told myself, it’s just once, do it well, and leave the stage. So, I mustered my confidence, and there. Thanks to those who told me it was well-delivered. The writer, Mrs Yao, the vice-principal, played a huge role in making the speech sound so professional and nice. It was beautifully written and I love it. 🙂

That’s about it. 😀

lots of love,
huishan. (: