I have no idea what’s wrong, I haven’t been eating breakfast in the morning this whole week, for the sake of rushing to school to study a bit more before the tests. I didn’t have the appetite for it anyway. :X

Yesterday, my heart hurts every now and then, without any reason. Oh yes, I’m referring to PHYSICAL pain. Haha. Like something sharp pierced into my heart or having heart palpitations. I think something is wrong. It gets kind of scary to keep feeling that way the whole day. I wasn’t anxious when I felt the heart palpitations. At least I believe I wasn’t anxious and I shouldn’t be.

Anyhow, I played pool today with Huiling and Tuan Anh. HAHA. I was amazed by how I played today, seriously. I didn’t play for 3 months or more already! And it was my 4th time playing only. hehe. I love it. 😀


Oh yes. Should I see a doctor? Regarding my 3 months of throat problems and also about the heart palpitations? I really don’t know and I’m unsure if I have the time or not.

Well, time to do English homework and write the Ex-President speech.