I lived like one of the days last year, today — depressed, lack of appetite, lethargic. It was terrible, to keep having things in mind during lessons and kept freaking out every now and then. I was really worried about my speech for the investiture. Mr Teh told me off last Friday and I really really dislike that feeling. So, when I’m expecting lectures from Mr Teh and Mr Lim in the afternoon today, definitely, I won’t be able to concentrate.

Episodes of almost crying, gastric pains, headaches, uncertainty and stuff made things worst. So, I felt like total crap today.

Anyway, for the first time ever, I passed my Social Studies. I scored 9/12 for part (a) and 6/13 for part (b). For part (b), I didn’t study the stuff tested. >< So, I wasn’t exactly confident about it. As for past (a), I studied, but made my own flowchart by scribbling and stuff. So, I didn’t memorise the notes and links provided. I’m really happy about that. I just feel original.

Many issues today and I was sort of involved in them as most concerned the Student Council. Frankly speaking, I didn’t quite absorb the final plan. >< Oh wells. I just finished writing the speech and I think it was very badly written. 😐

I hope tomorrow will be better, but there’s Biology SPA in the morning.

goodnight all!